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  jools green

"Metal, for me, has been a consuming passion and lifestyle choice for over twenty years.

"I am either, listening to it, reading about it or watching it live.

"I prefer my Metal to be extreme rather than mainstream; I am not stuck in a particular genre, just as long as it's 'face ripping'."


sentient horror 31.12.16: Warlord UK Deliver More 'Maximum Carnage' On The Album's Twentieth Anniversary
sentient horror 30.12.16: Sentient Horror Unleash 'Ungodly Forms', Their Debut Album
jools green 29.12.16:
stench price 19.12.16: Arriver Create Triumph Out Of Tragedy With 'Eremitus'
stench price 14.12.16: Stench Price Self-Titled Debut Album Breaks The Mould For Grindcore
echelon 14.12.16: Echelon Explore Unchartered Depths With 'The Brimstone Aggrandizement'
wartour 7.12.16: The Wartour Hits The Devonshire With Maximum Carnage
pestilence 7.12.16: 'Presence Of The Pest': A Classic Remastered Live Performance From Pestilence
zorhneym 6.12.16: Zornheym Reveal Superb And Harrowing Video For 'The Opposed'
hereza 1.12.16: HerezA Launch Second Music Video From 'I Become Death'
vader 28.11.16: Stare Into The Eyes Of The Soulless With Death Thrashers Krepitus
vader 28.11.16: Polish Black Metal Veterans Arkona Deliver Their Best Album To Date
vader 17.11.16: Warfist Prove They Are 'Metal To The Bone' With Blistering New Album
vader 17.11.16: Piotr Wiwczarek, Vader: Motörhead Designer Joe Petagno Saved Our Album
vader 14.11.16: Misanthropic Rage Release Their Stunning Full Length 'Gates No Longer Shut' - Listen Here
vader 31.10.16: Vader March Forth Unto The Empire
vader 31.10.16: Kingdom: 'Sepulchral Psalms From The Abyss Of Torment'
darkrypt 23.10.16: Darkrypt Take You On A Delirious Excursion With Their Stunning Debut
vrtra 19.10.16: Zornheym Release 'A Silent God' Into Our Midst
anaal nathrakh 23.10.16: Anaal Nathrakh Do As They Will On 'The Whole Of The Law'
vrtra 13.10.16: Darkthrone Guaranteed To Send Forth Icy Tremors Of Arctic Thunder
warcrab 19.10.16: Warcrab Reveal Their Scars Of Aeons
vrtra 10.10.16: Tardive Dyskinesia Bring Subtle Sophistication With Their Harmonic Confusion
swampcult 10.10.16: Swampcult Bring To Life The Horrors Of Lovecraft's 'The Festival'
vrtra 2.10.16: A Crushing Debut Album From Mysterious Californian Blackened Death-Doom Recluses Vrtra
WARFATHER 2.10.16: Mist Of Misery Have Perfected Their Craft With Sophomore Full-Length 'Absence'
WARFATHER 27.9.16: Insomnium's Winter's Gate Is An Epic Tale Like No Other
asphyx 29.9.16: Prepare For Incoming Death Warn Asphyx
WARFATHER 22.9.16: Welsh Trio Tides Of Sulfur Come In Heavier Than A Ton Of Bricks With Debut Album
WARFATHER 20.9.16: Prepare For The Arrival Of 'The Grey Eminence' By International Death Metal Outfit Warfather
astrophobus 14.9.16: Prepare To Be Blown Away By Astrophobos' New EP 'Enthroned In Flesh'
zornheym 14.9.16: Zorn Talks About His Love Of Concept Albums And The Ideas And Inspiration Behind Zornheym's Groundbreaking Debut
svlfvr 6.9.16: Svlfvr Beckon You Into The Darkness Of Their 'Shamanic Lvnar Cvlt'
heathen beast 6.9.16: Heathen Beast Go Out On A High With Final Album 'Rise Of The Saffron Empire'
wired anxiety 30.8.16: Wired Anxiety Sear The Flesh From Your Face With Latest EP 'The Delirium Of Negation'
xxx 30.8.16: Curse The Flesh Add Some 'Black Majesty' To Melodic Death Metal With Debut Full Length
vader 22.8.16: Zornheym Aim To Shake Up Your Concept Of Extreme Symphonic Metal With New EP
macabra 22.8.16: Mark Riddick's Macabra Cut '...To The Bone' With Their New Full-Length Release
vader 10.8.16: Vader Bring Down The Steel Fist With 'Iron Times' EP
Nihilistenen Barbaarisuus 10.8.16: The Latest Nihilistenen Barbaarisuus EP: Madness Incarnate Or Melancholic Genius?
ribspreader 6.8.16: 'The Child Must Die': An Interpretation Of The Finish Epic By Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus
ribspreader 1.8.16: Traverse The Suicide Gate With Death Merchants Ribspreader
paganizer 28.7.16: Paganizer Take You To Hades And Back
black crown initiate 20.7.16: There's No Forgiveness For Black Crown Initiate
acho 14.7.16: An (EchO) In The Shadows
lord matzigkeitus 11.7.16: Praise The Gallows - Lord Matzigkeitus Returns As Your Worst Nightmare
barb wire dolls 4.7.16: The Latest Dormant Ordeal Is Once Again A Brutal Affair
morningside 1.7.16: A Grave Journey With The Morningside

16th June 2016: Helleborus: 'The Carnal Sabbath'
10th June 2016: Enoid: 'Exile Aux Confins Des Tourments'
6th June 2016: Animus Mortis: 'Testimonia'
31st May 2016: Murdryck: 'Antologi MMXV'
24th May 2016: Lord Matzigkeitus Of Idolatry: "It Should Hurt To Hear, Offend, Upset, Provoke. I Won't Be Ignored..."
23rd May 2016: Satyricon: 'Nemesis Divina'
17th May 2016: Gorilla vs. Grifter (Split Album)
10th May 2016: Necronomicon: 'Advent Of The Human God'
25th April 2016: Idolatry: 'Visions From The Throne Of Eyes'
15th April 2016: Desaster: 'The Oath Of An Iron Ritual'
12th April 2016: Mourning Soul: 'Ego Death-Ritual 1'
4th April 2016: Diabolus Amator: 'Despotic Conjuring Of The Soulless'
23rd March 2016: Hypno5e: 'Shores of the Abstract Line'
16th March 2016: Interview With Mike Coys Of Cries Of Your Sins
16th March 2016: Mussorgski: 'Creatio Cosmicam Bestiae'
8th March 2016: Megascavenger: 'As Dystopia Beckons'
29th February 2016: Stillborn: 'Testimonio de Bautismo'
7th February 2016: Rhine: 'An Outsider'
27th January 2016: Cult Of Luna / The Old Wind: 'Råångest' EP
21st January 2016: Borknagar: 'Winter Thrice'
11th January 2016: Kill All The Gentleman: 'The Faustian Delusion' EP
4th January 2016: [Evertrapped]: 'Under The Deep'


29th December 2015: Best of 2015
28th December 2015: Dementia 13: 'Ways Of Enclosure'
15th December 2015: Maelstrom: 'Sunlight'
9th December 2015: Eradikator: 'Edge Of Humanity'
26 November 2015: Terzij De Horde: 'Self' EP
20 November 2015: Lord Matzigkeitus: 'Catharsis Spoke Her Virtuous Evil'
16 November 2015: Nashorn: 'Echoes Of War' EP
14 November 2015: All Hell: 'The Red Sect'
26 October 2015: Shining: 'International Black Jazz Society'
21 October 2015: Vried: 'Sólverv'
15 October 2015: Stormgrey: 'Pray. Crawl. Suffer.'
05 October 2015: Tribulation, Monolithian And Cybernetic Witch Cult: The Junction, Plymouth
05 October 2015: Interview With Tribulation
22 September 2015: Krysthla: 'A War Of Souls And Desires'
8 September 2015: From The Hellmouth: 'From The Hellmouth' EP
2 September 2015: Tribulation: 'The Children Of The Night'
1 September 2015: Nile: 'What Should Not Be Unearthed'
25 August 2015: The Negation: 'Memento Mori'
13 August 2015: Graveworm: 'Ascending Hate'
4 August 2015: Kataklysm: 'Of Ghosts And Gods'
30 July 2015: Shroud Of Despondency: 'Family Tomb'
19 July 2015: Humangled: Interview With Luke Scurb And Andrew Goreds From The Extreme Death Metallers
14 July 2015: Bone Gnawer: 'Cannibal Crematorium'
2 July 2015: Dew Scented: 'Intermination'
29 June 2015: Humangled: 'Prodromes Of A Flatline'
22 June 2015: Dying Humanity: 'Deadened'
16 June 2015: WarCrab: 'Ashes Of Carnage'
12 June 2015: Paradise Lost: 'The Plague Within'
12 June 2015: Conan/Warcrab/Khost: Exile, Plymouth
5 June 2015: Encyrcle: 'Encyrcle'
29 May 2015: Deadspace: 'The Promise Of Oblivion'
19 May 2015: XUL: 'Extinction Necromance'
18 May 2015: Satan's Wrath: 'Die Evil'
1 May 2015: Satyricon: 'Live At The Opera'
27 April 2015: Six Feet Under: 'Crypt Of The Devil'
20 April 2015: Singularity: 'Singularity'
12 April 2015: Triumvir Foul: 'An Oath of Blood And Fire'
10 April 2015: Xerath/Transhuman/King Creature/The Florentine Camerata: Exile (Tiki Bar), Plymouth
8 April 2015: Au-Dessus: 'Au-Dessus'
2 April 2015: Embrional: 'The Devil Inside'
31 March 2015: Spectral Darkwave: 'First Last Contact'
26 March 2015: Nepente: 'I Will Get Your Soul'
25 March 2015: Voice Of The Soul: 'Catacombs'
25 March 2015: Interview With Derek Neibarger, The One Man Maestro Behind Godless Angel
20 March 2015: Vader/Hate/Shredhead/Warcrab: The Hub, Plymouth
17 March 2015: Enslaved: 'In Times'
11 March 2015: Godless Angel: 'Harvester Of Shadows'
9 March 2015: Graveyard After Graveyard: 'Hellhound On My Tail'
3 March 2015: Nailgun Massacre: 'Boned Boxed And Buried'
3 March 2015: Wolfheart: 'Winterborn'
24 February 2015: The Resistance: 'Torture Tactics' EP
20 February 2015: Reign Of Fury: 'Death Be Thy Shepherd'
16 February 2015: The Dead: 'Deathsteps To Oblivion' EP
13 February 2015: Arbitrator: 'Indoctrination Of Sacrilege'
10 February 2015: Crucifyre: 'Black Magic Fire'
8 February 2015: Shreadhead: 'Death Is Righteous'
8 February 2015: 36 Crazyfists: The Hub, Plymouth
3 February 2015: Ur Draugr: 'The Wretched Ascetic'
3 February 2015: Thulcandra: 'Ascension Lost'
29 January 2015: Hate: 'Crvsade: Zero'
27 January 2015: Napalm Death: 'Apex Predator - Easy Meat'
21 January 2015: Marduk: 'Frontschwein'
19 January 2015: Amon Amarth: The Hub, Plymouth
18 January 2015: Soulskinner: 'Crypts of Ancient Wisdom'
13 January 2015: Desolate Shrine: 'The Heart Of The Netherworld'
12 January 2015: Arroganz: 'Tod und Teufel'
7 January 2015: Eye Of Solitude: 'Dear Insanity' EP
7 January 2015: Perdition Winds: 'Aura Of Suffering'
5 January 2015: Endzeit: 'Years Of Hunger' EP


31 December 2014: Darkenhold: 'Castellum'
30 December 2014: Deserted Fear: 'Kingdom Of Worms'
29 December 2014: Best Of 2014
18 December 2014: Gravecrusher: 'Morbid Black Oath' EP
13 December 2014: Whore Of Bethlehem: 'Upon Judas' Throne'
9 December 2014: Gory Blister: 'The Fifth Fury'
8 December 2014: Lurking Evil: 'The Almighty Hoards Of The Undead'
4 December 2014: Overcharge: 'Accelerate'
4 December 2014: Bloodbath: 'Grand Morbid Funeral'
1 December 2014: Idol Of Fear: 'All Sights Affixed, Ablaze'
1 December 2014: Primordial: 'Where Greater Men Have Fallen'
28 November 2014: The Deathtrip: 'Deep Drone Master'
20 November 2014: Hanzel Und Gretyl: 'Black Forest Metal'
19 November 2014: Blodhemn: 'H7'
18 November 2014: Carcass: 'Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel' EP
18 November 2014: Resistance: 'The Seeds Within'
11 November 2014: Saille: 'Eldritch'
7 November 2014: Sidious: 'Revealed In Profane Splendour'
7 November 2014: Trident: 'Jezebel' EP
7 November 2014: Fornicus: 'Storming Heaven'
4 November 2014: Vesania: 'Deus Ex Machina'
3 November 2014: Anaal Nathrakh/Verdelet/Human Cull/Carcinoma: The Hub/DBS Live, Plymouth
30 October 2014: Anaal Nathrakh: 'Desideratum'
29 October 2014: Coffinborn: 'Beneath The Cemetery' EP
28 October 2014: Bloodshot Dawn: 'Demons'
24 October 2014: Posthum: 'The Black Northern Ritual'
22 October 2014: Decapitated: 'Blood Mantra'
21 October 2014: Promethean Horde: 'Ashes Of The Empyrean'
17 October 2014: Rude: 'Soul Recall'
13 October 2014: Horrendous: 'Ecdysis'
8 October 2014: Mirzadeh: 'Desired Mystic Pride'
6 October 2014: Morbidity: 'Revealed From Ashes'
1 October 2014: Vile Regression: 'Empires' EP
29 September 2014: Laika: 'Somnia'
25 September 2014: 1349: 'Massive Cauldron Of Chaos'
25 September 2014: The Rotted's Final Gig, Saturday 20th September 2014 At The Camden Underworld
23 September 2014: The Furor: 'Impending Revelation'
23 September 2014: Horned Almighty: 'World Of Tombs'
19 September 2014: Cannibal Corpse: 'A Skeletal Domain'
11 September 2014: Exordium Mors: 'Apotheosis Of Death'
8 September 2014: Loudblast: 'Burial Ground'
8 September 2014: Dark Fortress: 'Venereal Dawn'
3 September 2014: Warlord UK: 'We Die As One'
28 August 2014: Display Of Decay: 'Outbreak Of Infection'
26 August 2014: Trioscapes: 'Digital Dream Sequence'
14 August 2014: Process Pain: 'Outcast Of Society'
13 August 2014: Slaughterday: 'Ravenous'
13 August 2014: Belphegor: 'Conjuring The Dead'
11 August 2014: Guitarist Eric Morrison From Expain Talks About Their New Album And More
8 August 2014: Interview With Ollie Stygall Of Grifter
8 August 2014: Nachtmystium: 'The World We Left Behind'
4 August 2014: Super Massive Black Holes: 'Calculations Of The Ancients'
1 August 2014: Hirsipuu: 'Ihmisestä'
28 July 2014: Entombed AD: 'Back To The Front'
22 July 2014: Grifter: 'Return Of The Bearded Brethren'
21 July 2014: Goatwhore: 'Constricting Rage Of The Merciless'
18 July 2014: Allegaeon: 'Elements Of The Infinite'
15 July 2014: Unbeing: 'Raptus'
10 July 2014: Ministry: 'Last Tangle In Paris – Live 2012'
3 July 2014: Domains: 'Sinister Ceremonies'
30 June 2014: A Hill To Die Upon: 'Holy Despair'
27 June 2014: Gluttony: 'Beyond The Veil Of Flesh'
23 June 2014: Desecration: 'Cemetery Sickness'
20 June 2014: Madball: 'Hardcore Lives'
17 June 2014: Expain: 'Just The Tip'
17 June 2014: Decembre Noir: 'A Discouraged Believer'
11 June 2014: Frozen Dawn: 'Those Of The Cursed Light'
10 June 2014: Sabbatory: 'Endless Asphyxiating Gloom'
9 June 2014: Interview With Fernanda And Prika From Female Brazilian Thrash Band Nervosa
6 June 2014: Ferium: 'Reflections'
4 June 2014: Helmsplitter: 'Enraptured By Suffering'
2 June 2014: Tacit Fury: 'Social Berserker'
29 May 2014: Vader: 'Tibi Et Igni'
28 May 2014: Gatecreeper: 'Gatecreeper'
28 May 2014: Hollow: 'Mordrake'
22 May 2014: Kill All The Gentlemen: 'Kill All The Gentlemen' EP
21 May 2014: Invertia: 'Another Scheme Of The Wicked'
16 May 2014: Karnivore: 'In The Halls Of The Wicked'
16 May 2014: Azziard: 'Vésanie'
13 May 2014: Psychotic Gardening: 'Nymnosis'
7 May 2014: Infectious Hate: 'Insanity Begins'
7 May 2014: Aurora Borealis: 'World Shapers'
6 May 2014: Negative Voice: 'Infinite Dissonance'
29 April 2014: Reality Grey: 'Define Redemption'
29 April 2014: Omnizide: 'Death Metal Holocaust'
24 April 2014: Garagedays: 'Passion Of Dirt'
18 April 2014: Insomnium: 'Shadows Of The Dying Sun'
17 April 2014: Thyruz: 'Svik'
17 April 2014: Verhext: 'Dogma'
14 April 2014: Enthrallment: 'The Voice Of Human Perversity'
14 April 2014: Woland: 'Hyperion'
10 April 2014: Dark Century: 'Murder Motel'
7 April 2014: Mesetiah: 'Tesis' EP
4 April 2014: An Act Of Treachery: 'Reflections Of A Dying World'
31 March 2014: Sordid Flesh: 'Torturer'
28 March 2014: Trenchrot: 'Necronomic Warfare'
24 March 2014: Nervosa: 'Victim Of Yourself'
21 March 2014: Portal: 'For All That Is Damned To Vanish'
16 March 2014: Ageless Oblivion: 'Penthos'
9 March 2014: Interview With Nicholas Farrugia, Vocalist Of Abysmal Torment
9 March 2014: Gaped: 'The Murderous Inception'
6 March 2014: Carnifex: 'Die Without Hope'
4 March 2014: Svart Crown, Diabolical, Ascaris, Ageless Oblivion, The Florentine Camerata: White Rabbit, Plymouth
2 March 2014: Bast: 'Spectres'
2 March 2014: Legion Of The Damned: 'Ravenous Plague'
26 February 2014: Ribspreader: 'Meathymns'
20 February 2014: Megascavenger: 'At The Plateaus Of Leng'
18 February 2014: Sceptre: 'Age Of Calamity'
11 February 2014: Descend: 'Whither'
6 February 2014: Behemoth: 'The Satanist'
4 February 2014: Slaughterday: 'Nightmare Vortex'
31 January 2014: Amon: 'Liar In Wait'
29 January 2014: Ingested: 'Revered By No One – Feared By All' EP
28 January 2014: Kampfar: 'Djevelmakt'
28 January 2014: Preledium: 'Redemption'
15 January 2014: Morgue Orgy: 'The Last Man On Earth'
13 January 2014: Stark Denial: 'War'
9 January 2014: Indoctrine: 'Unto The Fall' EP
6 January 2014: Aeolist: 'Aeolist' EP
5 January 2014: Bones: 'Sons Of Sleaze'
5 January 2014: Inner Shrine: 'Pulsar'


30 December 2013: Sapiency: 'Tomorrow'
30 December 2013: Obliteration: 'Black Death Horizon'
23 December 2013: Cult Of Luna: 'Vertikal I & II'
19 December 2013: Diabula Rasa: 'Ars Medioheavy'
19 December 2013: Dark Funeral: 'Attera Totus Sanctus', 'Diabolis Interium', 'Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus'
10 December 2013: Alghazanth: 'The Three-Faced Pilgrim'
7 December 2013: Ygodeh: 'The Experiment Interrupted'
1 December 2013: Otargos: 'Apex Terror'
29 November 2013: Fit For An Autopsy: 'Hellbound'
26 November 2013: Gehenna: 'Unravel'
26 November 2013: American Head Charge/R.S.J./Maplerun Live At The White Rabbit
26 November 2013: Deicide: 'In The Minds Of Evil'
19 November 2013: Interview With Dave Ingram About The New Down Amongst The Dead Men Album
18 November 2013: Disfigurement: 'Soul Rot' EP
18 November 2013: Down Among The Dead Men: 'Down Among The Dead Men'
13 November 2013: Soul Remnants: 'Black And Blood'
6 November 2013: Warmaster: 'The End of Humanity'
4 November 2013: Suture: 'Carnivorous Urge To Kill'
31 October 2013: Hanzel Und Gretyl: 'Fϋr Immer'
31 October 2013: WarCrab: 'WarCrab'
31 October 2013: Cold Cell: 'Generation Abomination'
27 October 2013: Kataklysm: 'Waiting For The End To Come'
27 October 2013: Death Toll Rising: 'Infection Legacy'
21 October 2013: Craven Idol: 'Towards Eschaton'
10 October 2013: Insurrection: 'Prototype'
7 October 2013: Merciless Terror: 'Vile Extinction'
7 October 2013: Napalm Christ: 'Demo'
7 October 2013: Hanzel Und Gretyl, Deadcell, Death Valley Scars: Camden Underworld
3 October 2013: Master: 'The Witchhunt'
30 September 2013: Emblazoned: 'The Living Magisterium'
23 September 2013: Primitive Graven Image: 'Traversing The Awesome Night'
23 September 2013: Cult Of Luna: 'Vertikal II'
18 September 2013: Deals Death: 'Point Zero Solution'
10 September 2013: Carcass: 'Surgical Steel'
6 September 2013: Dissension: 'Of Time And Chronic Disease'
3 September 2013: Masada: 'Hideous Rot'
28 August 2013: Devildriver: 'Winter Kills'
28 August 2013: ZUD: 'The Good, The Bad And The Damned'
28 August 2013: I Killed Everyone: 'Necrospire'
23 August 2013: Hawkwind: 'The Warrior 2013 Tour', Falmouth Pavilions
21 August 2013: Fleshgod Apocalypse: 'Labyrinth'
12 August 2013: Shinin' Shade: 'Sat-urn'
5 August 2013: Concrete Icon: 'Perennial Anguish'
5 August 2013: Until Dawn: 'Horizon'
29 July 2013: Where Giants Once Stood: 'The Changing'
29 July 2013: Panzerchrist: 'The 7th Offensive'
19 July 2013: Mormânt De Snagov: 'Derisive Philosophy'
12 July 2013: Cursed Kingdom: 'The Wasteland' EP
9 July 2013: Spheron: 'Ecstasy Of God'
4 July 2013: Ulvedharr: 'Swords Of Midgard'
3 July 2013: Damned Spring Fragrantia: 'Divergences'
30 June 2013: Skeletal Spectre: 'Voodoo Dawn'
25 June 2013: Autopsy: 'The Headless Ritual'
18 June 2013: Kalmah: 'Seventh Swamphony'
18 June 2013: Within the Ruins: 'Elite'
12 June 2013: From The Vastland: 'Kamarikan'
4 June 2013: BornBroken: 'The Healing Power Of Hate'
31 May 2013: Dark Tranquillity: 'Construct'
30 May 2013: Dormant Ordeal: 'It Rains, It Pours'
28 May 2013: Hate Meditation: 'Scars'
21 May 2013: Forlorn Path: 'Man's Last Portrait'
20 May 2013: Suffocation, Cephalic Carnage, Havok, Fallujah : The White Rabbit, Plymouth
17 May 2013: The Amenta: 'Flesh Is Heir'
15 May 2013: Svart Crown: 'Profane'
8 May 2013: Immolation: 'Kingdom Of Conspiracy'
8 May 2013: Tormented: 'Death Awaits'
1 May 2013: Dark Sermon: 'In Tongues'
29 April 2013: GraVil: 'Thoughts Of A Rising Sun'
24 April 2013: Amorphis: 'Circle'
15 April 2013: Hate: 'Solarflesh'
10 April 2013: Vreid: 'Welcome Farewell'
4 April 2013: Dethrone: 'Humanity'
31 March 2013: Flagellant: 'Maledictum
27 March 2013: October Tide: 'Tunnel of No Light
24 March 2013: Enslaved, Winterfylleth And Ancient Ascendant: Bristol Fleece
19 March 2013: Collapse - Arms And The Covenant
19 March 2013: Chosen - Resolution
27 February 2013: Bode Preto – Inverted Blood
27 February 2013: Sons Of Aeon – Sons Of Aeon
22 February 2013: Anomally/While The Gods Sleep
5 February 2013: Human Cull/Homolka: Split Cassette
5 February 2013: Metal Is Dead, Featuring Elithia/Athuria/Back Hand Salon/Condemned/Ship Of Fools, White Rabbit, Plymouth
24 January 2013: Aeon: 'Aeons Black'
17 January 2013: Mors Principium Est: '...And Death Said Live'
7 January 2013: Creatures From The Abyss Tour: Cradle Of Filth, God Seed, Rotting Christ, Blynd
3 January 2013: Skindred, Huron And Idiom: Plymouth White Rabbit
1 January 2013: Interview With Rimmy Sinclair, Guitarist With Huron


27 December 2012: Best Of 2012
13 December 2012: Stampkase: 'Mechanorganism'
5 December 2012: Sanctus Nosferatu: 'SAMCA'
29 November 2012: Nominon: 'The Cleansing'
26 November 2012: Grifter: 'Grifter'
26 November 2012: S.S.S.: 'Problems To The Answer'
15 November 2012: AntropomorphiA: 'Evangelivm Necromantia'
9 November 2012: Satan's Wrath: 'Galloping Blasphemy'
6 November 2012: Saturnian: 'Dimensions'
31 October 2012: Anaal Nathrakh: 'Vanitas'
25 October 2012: Shining: 'Redefining Darkness'
24 October 2012: Khors: 'Wisdom Of Centuries'
22 October 2012: Negative Approach Live At Camden Underworld
15 October 2012: Winterfylleth: 'The Threnody Of Triumph'
12 October 2012: Nine Covens: 'On The Dawning Of Light'
12 October 2012: Interview With Sylvan Schneider From Sylvan Realm
10 October 2012: Tavisrock N' Blues Festival: The Wharf, Tavistock
8 October 2012: Evocation: 'Tales From The Tomb'/'Dead Calm Chaos' Re-Releases'
3 October 2012: Masachist: 'Scorned'
24 September 2012: Human Cull New Tracks And New Tour Dates
21 September 2012: 'Poison Gas In The Living Room' Compilation
19 September 2012: Daylight Dies: 'A Frail Becoming'
14 September 2012: Ancient Ascendant: 'Into The Dark'
14 September 2012: Offending: 'Age Of Perversion'
10 September 2012: The Amenta: 'Chokehold'
7 September 2012: Sylvan Realm: 'The Lodge Of Transcendence'
2 September 2012: Enslaved: 'RIITIIR'
30 August 2012: Synapses: 'Expiation'
28 August 2012: Marasmus: 'Mountains Of Dead'
23 August 2012: Fetus Stench: 'Stillbirth'
20 August 2012: Monsterworks: 'Man: Instincts'
20 August 2012: Dew Scented: 'Icarus'
15 August 2012: Humangled: 'Odd Ethics'
15 August 2012: Radiation Sickness: 'Reflections Of A Psychotic Past'
3 August 2012: Father Befouled: 'Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace'
31 July 2012: Generation Graveyard: 'We Are The Empty'
28 July 2012: Poison Idea: 'The Fatal Erection Years'
24 July 2012: Nachtmystium: 'Silencing Machine'
24 July 2012: Burning Love: 'Rotten Thing To Say'
16 July 2012: Martyrdӧd: 'Paranoia'
11 July 2012: Acephalix: 'Deathless Master'
9 July 2012: Rumpelstiltskin Grinder: 'Ghostmaker'
3 July 2012: Spineshank: 'Anger, Denial, Acceptance'
2 July 2012: Laster: 'Wijsgeer And Narreman'
28 June 2012: Trioscapes: 'Separate Realities'
26 June 2012: Vesperian Sorrow: 'Stormwinds Of Ages'
20 June 2012: Interview With Martin Daniels of Derelict Sermon
20 June 2012: Derelict Sermon: 'Callousness And Deviance'
19 June 2012: Coffin Texts: 'Tomb Of Infinite Ritual'
12 June 2012: Natron: 'Grindermeister'
6 June 2012: Antigama: 'Stop The Chaos'
4 June 2012: Anhedonist: 'Netherwards'
31 May 2012: Emptiness: 'Error'
31 May 2012: Begrime Exemious: 'Visions Of The Scourge'
28 May 2012: Interview With Sataniac, Vocalist From Desaster
28 May 2012: Kraanium: 'Post Mortal Coital Fixation'
25 May 2012: Interview With Shane Clarke, 3 Inches Of Blood
23 May 2012: Six Feet Under: 'Undead'
23 May 2012: Fear Factory: 'The Industrialist'
18 May 2012: 3 Inches Of Blood/Goatwhore/Havok/Angelus Apatrida: White Rabbit, Plymouth, Saturday 12th May 2012
18 May 2012: Interview With Guillermo Izquierdo, Vocalist/Guitarist With Angelus Apatrida
18 May 2012: Havok: 'The Point Of No Return' EP
16 May 2012: Eternal Helcaraxe: 'Against All Odds'
14 May 2012: Diseim: 'Holy Wrath'
10 May 2012: Angelus Apatrida: 'The Call'
10 May 2012: Septekh: 'The Seth Avalanche'
8 May 2012: Antropofagus: 'Architecture Of Lust'
3 May 2012: Faal: 'The Clouds Are Burning'
3 May 2012: Incoming Cerebral Overdrive: 'Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift'
1 May 2012: Outcast: 'Awaken The Reason'
25 April 2012: Interview With Wretched
25 April 2012: Desultor: 'Master Of Hate'
23 April 2012: Deadborn: 'Mayhem Maniac Machine'
17 April 2012: Orange Goblin Live At White Rabbit, Plymouth
12 April 2012: Naglfar: 'Téras'
11 April 2012: Philm: 'Harmonic'
9 April 2012: Job For A Cowboy: 'Demonocracy'
7 April 2012: Weregoat: 'Unholy Exaltation Of Full Moon Perversity'
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29 January 2012: Shining: 'VII: 'Född Förlorare'



Wacken Winter Nights 2018 takes place between February 23rd and 25th 2018 and the great news is that you can now experience a full-on, top class German Metal Festival easily and affordably.

It only takes an hour to fly to Hamburg from London and we've had longer journeys than that within the capital and they were certainly more expensive than the £33 air ticket that just appeared in our 'flights to Wacken Winter Nights' search.


Wacken Winter Nights is organised by the same team who are responsible for the world's greatest Metal festival, Wacken-Open-Air and the 2018 bill includes Skyclad, Orphaned Land, Elvenking, Finntroll, Grave Digger, Aeverium, Comes Vagantes, Coppelius, Corvus Corax, Die Pressgëng, Elvellon, Heimataerde, Hell-O-Matic, Ignis Fatuu, Ingrimm, Irdorath, Johnny Deathshadow, Krayenzeit, Letzte Instanz, Mr Hurley und die Pulveraffen, Pampatut, Pat Razket, Schandmaul, Sündenrausch, The Aberlour's, The Moon And The Nightspirit, Torfrock, Visions Of Atlantis, Vroudenspil, Wind Rose and more.

Besides this rich billing of superb Metal bands, there is so much more to see in the festival area including the medieval market and also the walking acts and jugglers you will meet at the theme worlds, including Robert Blake, three-time World Cup winner of street magic.

Wacken Winter Nights is something not to be missed and you can check out the amazing ticket and accommodation prices right here.

We just priced up the whole four day trip with hotels, flights, shuttles and festival tickets for less than £300 and we don't think you will get a better value festival than that, anywhere.


MetalTalk recently sat down with Wacken founder and owner Thomas Jensen and that interview will be online next week and it's a fascinating insight into how Wacken originated from nothing to become the world's premiere Heavy Metal event.


Wacken 2018 takes place from 2nd to 4th August 20218 and as with Wacken Winter Nights, if you have never experienced all it has to offer, then you owe it to yourself to remedy that.

Already announced for Wacken 2018 are Judas Priest, Nightwish, Running Wild (exclusive), Arch Enemy, Dirkschneider, Doro (Special Anniversary Show), In Extremo, Sepultura, Amorphis, Amaranthe, Firewind, W.A.R., Belphegor, Mantar, Knorkator, Deserted Fear, Watain, Night Demon, Epica, Knorkator, Belphegor, Firewind, Deserted Fear and many more and we'll have more Wacken 2018 announcements during December.

As well as being the greatest Heavy Metal festival in the world, it is without a doubt the Mecca of Metal and the one thing that every single person who loves our music should have on their bucket list.

For 2018, MetalTalk have joined forces with Wacken-Open-Air to help you get to Wacken easily and inexpensively and you can peruse the ticket and travel options right here.

If you are interested in going to Wacken 2018 and have questions, please fill out the form below and we will contact you with answers to all your enquiries. You are under no obligation whatsoever by filling this form out. We won't add you to any mailing lists or send you loads of spam - all we will do is help you get to Wacken as easily and inexpensively as possible.



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