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the morningside

Formed in the early 90s originally as Morningside Cemetery, Russian melodic death/doom Metal quartet The Morningside return with full-length number four, although given the forty-seven minute duration of their three track EP from 2011, 'TreeLogia - The Album As It Was Not', some might say fifth full-length.

This latest offering from the melancholic Muscovites, simply titled 'Yellow', is partly in the style of their second full-length album, 2009s 'Moving Crosscurrent Of Time', along with a progressive, post rock edge and the concept is inspired by Kurt Vonnegut's novel Slaughterhouse-Five, named after an underground gas chamber in a POW camp in Dresden where the central character is detained, thereby inadvertently saving him from the bombing.

The satirical novel is also semi biographical, due to Vonnegut's use of the firebombing of Dresden, witnessed by him as a POW of the Germans and is considered Vonnegut's most influential and popular work.

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The story follows the World War II experiences and journeys back and forth throughout time and space of a Chaplain's assistant, called Billy Pilgrim, who later in the plot also meets aliens, the Tralfamadorians, who teach him about the fifth dimension, but it could all have just been a dream.

The yellow tram from the album cover symbolically takes the central character, along with the audience, on a musical journey, inviting listeners to share the fascinating experience of this interpretation with The Morningside.

The overall sound is a fluid blend of genres; death, doom, and hints of black Metal, alongside the previously mentioned progressive, post rock edge and similar to Agalloch or even early Katatonia but in a more atmospheric way and the result is just so perfectly balanced; beautiful and enthralling, heavy but not crushing, sinuous and graceful.

The vocals are predominantly harsh, giving a touch of brutality, well punctuated and with excellent clarity in the delivery of the lyrical content, although some tracks also feature some cleans, for example the reflective and wistful 'Missing Day' and the acoustic rich 'Clocks'.

There is a style that links each track but each has a different mood, ranging from the hauntingly beautiful 'To The Last Point...', the groovy and upbeat 'As A Pilgrim' which moves to a more reflective feel before some superb, haunting, second half lead work. There is also an abundance of tremolo picking across the release, as on 'Out Of Nest' which also has a dark groove and retro, mid-point lead work, with the album closing on the reflective, almost psychedelic '...Then He Walked'.

'Yellow' should have a huge appeal to fans of Agalloch, October Tide, Swallow The Sun, possibly even Daylight Dies and is out on BadMoodMan Productions (Solitude Productions subsidiary) and available from

You can listen to the full album right here:

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