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dormant ordeal

I first crossed paths with Dormant Ordeal back in March 2013 when I reviewed 'It Rains, It Pours' (here), the debut full length from this Polish death Metal quartet, masterminded by the band's drummer and founder, Radek Kowal and my impressions then were;

"Intense and Polish to the core, there is no mistaking that definitive sound, from the chunky guitars to the harsh throaty vocals..." and " first albums go this is very good, there is plenty going on to keep my attention and I was also very glad of the strategically placed instrumentals as this level of intensity works better broken into segments..."

Just over three years later they are back with their follow-up release, 'We Had It Coming', but this time around there's no strategically placed instrumentals, just end to end brutality and I love it even more than the previous album.

There is a subtle flow that has manifested in their sound so you still get that crushing, highly defined Polish style but there's a sophisticated and subtle melodic undercurrent which adds that flow, without deducting any intensity, coming from the guitars of Maciej Nieścioruk and bass of Kacper Dzialdowski.

There are still those great vocals from Maciej Proficz, harsh and rasping but crystal clear in their delivery; still a superb pummelling drum delivery from Radek but there's this clear growth in all their capabilities. That I cited them in 2013 as "highly skilled musicians" is something that stands even truer this time around and they have certainly upped their game with this release which is as it should be.

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It's also a shorter offering, a lot more straight to the point, getting straight down to the business of brutality after just a brief static noise opener on first track 'The Mist', a crushing mix of punchy and intense riffing.

Also on this release are some highly noteworthy chunks of lead work, particularly in the second half of the exotically tinged 'Stoning' and final track, the intensely delivered 'Tar' and ending on the static noise the album began on.

On the tracks between; ominous repeat riffing forms the backbone for 'A Dim Reminder' which is completed with a harrowingly powerful vocal delivery, 'Derangement Zone, Pt. 1' builds around a crushingly haunting, hypnotic repeat that develops into more great midpoint lead work, returning in a slower, haunting format towards the close, along with an effective double layer to the vocals forming a dialogue in the second half before blending seamlessly into 'Derangement Zone, Pt. 2' as if it were in many ways like one continuous and hugely enjoyable track

dormant ordeal

On 'Sleeping Grounds' you get hypnotic riff patterns and sleek tempo and direction switching with a shift up in tempo for subsequent track 'Conspiracy Within'.

I said it last time around and I'll say it again: "If you like Polish Metal, you should love this."

'We Had It Coming' is now available as a digipack CD at or Amazon in digital format as well as Spotify and iTunes. The cover artwork was created by Kuba Sokolski.

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