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As an interim offering, following the April release of 'Poisonous Disengagement' and as a forerunner to the upcoming full length 'Exalted Solitude', Lord Matzigkeitus and his cohorts in The Projectionist present in all its miserable glory the 'The Gallow Forest Eulogy', a five track offering, also affectionately referred to as 'The Suicide EP'.

In comparison to 'Poisonous Disengagement', 'The Gallow Forest Eulogy' is more of a stripped back and raw beast from an instrumentation perspective. A cleverly dark restraint is in action here and what this does is allow the full dynamics of Lord M's ever more harrowingly and broad ranging vocal delivery to rip through, tearing into the very fibres of your being.

If listening to this doesn't leave you with a disturbance in your mind, you haven't listened properly.

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The release is five tracks of misery, bleakness and despair which, on occasion, put me in mind of early Darkthrone but in a more tortured manifestation. On opening track 'Wyvern Termite' bleak, slightly set to the back riffing and simple drum work allow the vocals to shine through in all their hideous, harrowing glory and in the second half there's a fascinating "morbid Punk" discordance to the guitar work.

On EP title track 'The Gallow Forest Eulogy' noise, distortion, and poignant bass lines are the backdrop for harrowing vocal screams and growls and a barely decipherable but powerfully delivered lyrical content which becomes clearer further in... but you wish it didn't, because it's disturbing and monstrously atmospheric, indeed the stuff of nightmares; excellent.

'The Gallow Forest Eulogy' in its entirety is another release by the enigmatic Lord M that I am hugely enamoured with, but as always there are the tracks that really stand out for me, the first beiong 'Imagined Fortress'. It's bleak, sinister and harrowing beyond words and despite it's slow tempo and uncomplicated delivery is an utterly gripping listen and the stark, off kilter second half melody is just sublime, only adding to the mood of desolation.

On 'Automation Stare', the riffs build and distort with the arrival of deep rasping vocals, taking on that now familiar tortuous and broad ranging aspect; a powerful track.

The other track which struck me to the core is final track 'Apex Of The Void' as it's just so bleak, stark and beautifully harrowing, from the haunting guitars that gradually pick up in pace, the dark background melody and ever present constant drum rhythms that build to the echoing, tortuous vocal delivery.

Recording of 'The Gallow Forest Eulogy' was completed at Soul December studios, the cover art is by Teal Cereghino, the layout by Jan Pysander Whitney and it is released on Luciferic Triumph Records, run by Abyss of Diabolus Amator. Feel free to go forth and suffer it's vicious bleakness!!

...and if all this isn't enough, there's a whisper in the woods of a third, conceptual album.... but that's for another time....

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