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There may not have been a full length from Swedish Death Metal war machine Paganizer since 2013s superb offering, ’World Lobotomy’, but this particular branch of the Rogga Johansson family tree has been far from quiet, in fact 'On The Outskirts Of Hades' is the third EP they have released since January of this year.

It's a short sharp and utterly crushing high adrenaline offering of just over thirteen minutes, classic Death Metal at its best and an addictively catchy yet suitably brutal chunk of excellence, thanks to Rogga's crushing riffs and throaty roars, Matte Fiebig's pummelling percussion and bass lines that add a depth and richness from Martin Klasen.

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The other vital element that also pull this release up to its high level of listenability are the exciting chunks of lead work from Kjetil Lynghaug, situated at the end of 'Angry All The Time', which also has an instantly spottable classic Rogga riff and 'Adjacent To Purgatory' which has some superbly sinister tempo drops and ending on a blood curdling final scream from Rogga which nearly scared the life out of me. It took me by such a surprise, mainly because I was still so busy revelling in that closing guitar solo.

It gets even better on 'The Netherworld Carnivale', a track which is one minute bleak and haunting and the next crushingly in your face. You get two chunks of lead work, a face ripping shred in the first half and a more reflective drum work enhanced piece in the second half before the sound gets stripped back to just the bass and drum before a final crushing build.


The closing, utterly catchy and up tempo 'On The Outskirts Of Hades' is suitably garnished with "Ooohs!!" and ground shaking growls from Rogga, whose vocal capabilities really should not be underestimated and Kjetil delivers you one final mid-point chunk of lead work. This is one of those tracks that make you want to listen all over again.

Paganizer are sounding their best yet so until their next offering... enjoy this...!! I did!!

The EP is available from Paganizer's page as a digital download or limited edition CD.

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