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Since their inception in 2003 Ribspreader, masterminded by the ever prolific Rogga Johansson, have produced to date six crushing offerings, including 2014s 'Meathyms' (reviewed by me here) and this latest full length monster, 'Suicide Gate - A Bridge To Death', is their most stunning piece of old school death Metal so far.

So what's changed in the Ribspreader camp since their last offering? Well a whole lot really; the trio is still spearheaded by Rogga as always but with fresh meat in the shape of Jeramie Kling on drums and guitars now covered by Taylor Nordberg, this refresh of the line-up has added a whole new dimension to the sound.

The first thing to hit me was the new degree of insanity on the lead work from Taylor that hits you in the opening minute of first track 'Descent Of The Morbid'. His closing shred on 'Elegi' is pure excitement and 'World Dismemberment' has crazy shreds popping up throughout, punching their way through the crunchy groove.

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Jeramie's brutal battery drum style emerges fully by the second track, 'Centuries Of Filth'. The guy is an utter powerhouse and by 'The Suffering Earth' they both combine to create an exciting opener of drum battery and shredding that leaves you utterly fired up in anticipation, but this track was the first of a couple that totally took me by surprise.

Rogga's crunchy death groove is suddenly overtaken by a burst of Swedish "Melodeath" style lead work in the second half which brought a huge smile to my face thanks to Rogga's continued growling and riff crunching amongst it all making this an insanely good track.

I also began to think 'A Worthless Breed' was going to be a bit of a wildcard track, which in a way it is if it wasn't for all the other surprises this album has presented so far, opening on a rather good, off kilter semi acoustic piece but what follows is Rogga's trademark dirty riffing but with the added touch of a haunting underlying melody weaving through; nice.

It's never easy to pick a favourite track on a 'Ribspreader' album as they are always so damn good but 'In Mankind's Rotting Grip' does stand out for me as it has a slightly slower tempo, a more sinister mood and Rogga's brutally protracted vocal delivery here is superb. There's also an abundance of hauntingly catchy riffing completed by suitably sinister off kilter lead work.

'Suicide Gate - A Bridge to Death' is an absolutely blistering offering. The line-up change has injected a new burst of life into one of Metal's mightiest beasts and is available from Xtreem Music's online store as a CD or 12" Vinyl.

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