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After a hugely productive 2015 where they released two compilations and two full lengths, Polish Death/Thrash masters Vader are back with a four track EP, 'Iron Times', to add to their impressive catalogue of over 40 releases including full lengths, splits, singles and EPs since their formation in 1983.

Considered from the perspective of the 10" vinyl format;

Side A consists of two new tracks, firstly 'Parabellum', an up-tempo chunk of typical Vader Thrash/Death excitement with a manic midpoint shred.

'Prayer To The God Of War' is the best of the two, slightly slower in tempo and it's chunkier and groovier and there's more face ripping midpoint shredding.

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Side B. Vader are the masters of covers and no live Vader show would be complete without a covers finale and who could forget their superb Venom and Metallica covers on 2009s full length 'Necropolis', or 2015s 'Future In The Past II', a whole album of obscure covers. Often they are better than the originals, so this time for your delectation Vader bring you;

'Pięść I Stal' (Steel Fist), a Panzer X cover is an interesting choice as Panzer X are Piotr's Heavy Metal with a modern slant side project with CETI members Bartek and Grzegorz, Spider from Amorphus and Andrzej, ex-Choice.

This is a much ballsier, heavier version with Polish lyrics rather than the original English. This works better than the Heavy Metal original firstly for Peter's gravelly vocals and because of the crushing Death/Thrash delivery.

As for 'Overkill', well naturally no-one can deliver this like the mighty Motörhead did but it’s a very fitting tribute and a great listen and Piotr may not be the next Lemmy but his vocal delivery is suitably gravelly to carry this classic and his accent always makes me smile and the guitar work here is also superb.

'Iron Times' is a must for all Vader fans and available from Nuclear Blast/Witching Hour Productions as a 10" vinyl, CD or digital download.

Finally, determined to keep that crushing Thrash/Death momentum rolling, Vader also have a new full length release, 'The Empire', due out on November 4th, so watch this space!

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