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wired anxiety

I haven't had quite so much to say about the brutal side of Death Metal of late because I felt so much of it had literally been done to death BUT then I heard 'The Delirium Of Negation' from Bombay's Wired Anxiety and my interest and passion has been reactivated.

They are cited by their label, Transcending Obscurity Distribution, as "one of the best and most brutal albums to come out of India... ever!!" and while it is not unusual for labels to make this kind of claim, this is more than just hype. This is the real deal!

The secret lies in the balance, which is a perfect blend of subtle technical elements, a brutal, yet varied vocal delivery that even touches on "boar-core" vocal squeals without lingering long enough to ruin the mood, a pummelling drum delivery and a heavy crushing melody which makes it so listenable and enjoyable.

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What makes this even more astounding is this is only their second EP, a follow up to 2012s 'The Eternal Maze'. The four track offering is both ambitious and well-recorded and there are also two artworks for this release, made by the reputed Indonesian artist Coki Greenway (Aborted, Devourment, etc) and both are presented in a special slipcase edition that is strictly limited.

It may only be four tracks, but here less is more. Opening with 'Test Subject: Human' with its spiralling riffs and brutal growls that touch on squealing briefly, a hint of technical to the riffing and the added bonus here, some superb lead work just at the three minute mark. Then the crushing opener of 'Heavily Sedated' which develops into a manic burst before settling into a heavy addictive groove overlaid with lead flourishes and brutal vocals.

wired anxiety

'Severe Comorbidity', which was the first single released from this EP comes at you even more intense and brutal than its predecessors, softened slightly with an addictive midpoint groove and the final slice of superlative brutality, 'Focus 22', also has that punchy delivery along with a hugely engaging groove that is slickly melded with a crushing breakdown.

You can have a listen to 'The Delirium Of Negation' here and if you like your death Metal brutal and heavy go get a copy from WA's Bandcamp page whilst you can as the band members are moving out of the country for higher studies so it could be a little while before their next release.





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