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Jools Green

curse the flesh

If you like a more melodic edge to your Death Metal but you fancy something darker to get your teeth into, try the debut offering from Alabama's 'Curse the Flesh'. The title, 'Black Majesty' gives you some idea of just what to expect which is a rather tasty eight track, thirty-two minute chunk of Blackened Melodic Death Metal.

Formed in 2012, the idea behind the band was to create something a little different and bring variety to their local area by: "Combining the harmonies and song writing prevalent in Melodic Death Metal, the catchy brutality of early American Death metal and select elements from Norwegian Black Metal.

"Curse The Flesh fuse influences seamlessly to create their own brand of Death Metal. The music doesn't just sound evil; it sounds like evil that has already won."

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The concept has escalated beyond their own expectations and just an initial listen demonstrates just why. You get the soaring melodies, catchy hooks and blasting brutality with a touch of darkness, similar to the way Blackened Death Thrashers Skeletonwitch and Goatwhore have added that dark element to both of their thrashier based sounds. It's a similar concept and application but to a Death Metal base, a particular combination which I have never come across before and with the addition of Blackened and evil vitriolic hissing vocals the whole combination is just so engaging, exciting and most importantly a refreshing change from the norm. I am seriously enamoured with this!!

'Black Majesty' is an album that draws you in right from the opening addictive riffs of 'Nocturnal Redemption', the hugely varied 'Blasphemy Hymn', has an abundance of slick direction switches and superb intense blackened riffing, title track 'Black Majesty' is dark, crushing and superbly haunting.

curse the flesh

Eerily sinister 'A Cold Caress' comes in like an icy mist and when the pace ramps up the coldness remains while 'The Shroud' might be under three minutes in duration but it's a densely packed offering.

'Fear The Void' has a very strong Black Metal leaning from the offset with some great crunchy Death Metal chunks of guitar work that plough through and the tempo elevates for 'Marionettes', another short sharp and dark piece. Final track 'I Call Down Horrors' has superb spiralling lead work in the second half and I'm not going to even attempt to pick a favourite track; this is an excellent listen from beginning to end.

'Black Majesty' is a superb album, particularly considering it's a debut release. Curse The Flesh' are a band to watch; they already know how they want to shape their sound and it can only get better.

I am expecting even greater things in the future. Have a listen here on iTunes to get the full picture.





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