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Art legend Mark Riddick, known also for his involvements with Fetid Zombie and Grave Wax, has teamed up once more with Adrien "Liquifier" Weber of Vociferian to create the latest full=length under the Macabra moniker.

This second release '...To The Bone' follows 2012s debut 'Blood-Nurtured Nature' along with a couple of split releases in the same year and is as noteworthy for it's art as for it's music, with the cover having been created by none other than Dan Seagrave along with additional illustrations by Riddick himself.

Adrien is once again covering vocals and lyrics and Mark covering guitar, bass, drum programming and keyboards.

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Their latest eight track offering has, again, its roots in early 90s Death Metal but with a hauntingly unique twist, soundwise it's not as dense, intense and off kilter as Fetid Zombie, it's more of a sparse and stripped back, retro Scandinavian sound with brutally harsh, broad ranging vocals but with an added ambient atmosphere coming from uniquely applied programming, giving a morbid and eerie texture and haunting quality that almost verges on the Gothic at times.

The mix makes for strange bedfellows and needs a couple of listens to truly get your head around the concept, but it's different and very unique and in this age of copycat stylization, this level of different is a refreshing change, however I did find the stop/start nature of some of the tracks initially confusing, thinking it was the next track. A minor point though.


The tracks which stood out for me were; 'Death Speculation' which has an excellent balance between the haunting and crushing, an addictive repeat riff and some great programming snippets that add a rusty haunting mechanical element in places, which was wonderfully quirky.

'Sadocrat', my absolute favourite track, boasts an exciting rapid delivery, superb direction switching and I loved the haunting guitar work, squealing leads and expressive vocal range. The lyrics aren't overly decipherable but contextually and aesthetically they work very well.


'Global Brainwash Confederacy' has dense dirty riffing, offset by a haunting drop away and overlaid with gargling growls and manic lead work and the final track, 'Scars Of Dignity' with its mix of technical chunkiness, off kilter spiralling riffs and lead squeals and the underlying haunting aspect adds vital depth to the album.

The limited edition release is out on Vonfrost Records (Canada) and Morbid Visions Music (USA) in CD and MC formats.





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