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Heathen Beast, the controversial Black Metal trio From Kolkata, West Bengal have decided to call it a day. Always a mysterious outfit, their vocalist/spokesperson Carvaka Samkhya and only point of contact for the band has, in the words of their label Transcending Obscurity Distribution, "ended the band under mysterious circumstances and all evidence of their anti-racist government stance has been removed.

"Whether they have been threatened by unlawful elements is unknown but is a strong probability. The band would want the music to remain alive and here's a last chance at reaching out, hoping that their unique music is heard far and wide."

Often cited as India's leading Black Metal band and perhaps the only band from the country playing Black Metal and employing Indian classical/traditional/folk instruments, despite having a critical content to their work, Heathen Beast are determined to go out on a high with this fourth and final offering, 'Rise Of The Saffron Empire' which displays their strongest material to date.

They delve into the current political scenario of the country, in particular the extremist ring-wing agenda of Hindutva, hence the need for anonymity, going under the pseudonyms of Carvaka on vocals/guitars, Samkhya covering bass and Mimamsa on drums. The album is completed by specially commissioned artwork from US artist Mark Riddick which has been made to cover the controversial, band-provided artwork for this release as a special edition slipcase packaging with the original content remaining untouched underneath.

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This final offering consists of three tracks and opens with 'Rise Of The Saffron Empire' and the first thing that strikes you is the superb and seamless way the traditional Indian instruments, Tabla (Indian drums) and Sitar (Indian stringed instrument) to Carnatic violin (Indian classical instrument) and Shankh (Conch) all merge with the intense Black Metal elements.

They not only add an exotic element to the genre but intensify the angry quality of Black Metal and also serve as the melodic undercurrent for the second track. 'The Systematic Annihilation Of Islam', which would otherwise be just a brutal assault of your senses.

The final track, 'Swachh Bharat' is a superb piece and my favourite of the album. It's slower in tempo, the blackened element very bleakly delivered and the traditional instruments add a melancholic haunting mood.

I love this blend of Indian music with and Black Metal as it’s both unique and powerful. It’s a shame they felt the need to disband but they have left a superb musical legacy for anyone privileged enough to get the chance to hear their music.

'Rise Of The Saffron Empire' is available from Transcending Obscurity Distribution (sub-label of Transcending Obscurity India) and includes unlimited streaming of 'Rise Of The Saffron Empire' via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.





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