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Swedish Black Metal trio Astrophobos' previous release, 2014s debut full length 'Remnants Of Forgotten Horrors', was described as " icy, razor sharp whirlwind that will have fans of Dissection and Naglfar grinning from ear to ear." As a fan of those aforementioned bands I felt it was my duty to check out that rumour and discovered, to my joy, that this claim was correct.

Fast forward a couple of years and the Stockholm trio return with a follow up EP, 'Enthroned In Flesh', and if you enjoyed the previous full length as much as I did, this will utterly blow you away.

The EP was once again recorded and mixed at Garaget Studio by Erik Nilsson (Aoria, A Swarm Of The Sun) and features Fredrik Widigs from Marduk on drums, who does a superb job behind the kit. It's a twenty minute, four track slice of blackened intense aggression and chaos blended with haunting melodies that are so addictive it's hard to tear yourself away from it.

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The quality and attention to detail on all aspects of this release, from the composition, the delivery and the production, is superb, something which has been of paramount importance to Astrophobos since their debut self released EP 'Arcane Secrets' which received the same level of attention to detail back in 2010. But that doesn't mean they have stood still; on the contrary each subsequent release has built upon the excellence of its predecessor and as good as the others were, 'Enthroned In Flesh' is their best to date.

The EP begins with 'Enthroned Flesh', a punchy up-tempo piece packed with intense riffing with a vitriolic blackened vocal delivery and an addictive underlying melody; a superb track with some great guitar work. Next track, 'Tabula Rasa', opens on a blood curdling scream and there's much more rise and fall to the pace on this track, dropping away to clean reflective riffs, giving you time to ponder.


I love the guitar work on 'Blood Libation' and it's classic styled intense riffing that rises and falls in waves, rapid, sleek direction changing and vocals that punch through that solid wall of riffing, culminating in some rather good closing lead work.

There's a bleaker darker mood for final track 'The Cadaver Monarch'. It's a moody builder with a sublime repeat riff pattern that manifests in various degrees of intensity including some great lead work throughout, as does the vocal delivery which ranges from a whisper to a growl. It takes a couple of minutes to reach full intensity but it's a track of eight minutes in total so there is plenty of manoeuvring room.

Well worth a listen, 'Enthroned In Flesh' is available at iTunes just here and is a must for fans of Naglfar, Satyricon and Dissection.





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