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jools green
Jools Green

Tardive Dyskinesia

'Harmonic Confusion' is the fifth full length from Greek Technical Progressive Metallers Tardive Dyskinesia since their formation in 2003 and is a little different from the usual choice for reviews in The Abyss as here brutality makes way for a more sophisticated sound. That's not to say this isn't brutal, just in a much more subtle way.

Soundwise it sits somewhere between Meshuggah, Intronaut and The Ocean, a little off my beaten track but sometimes you have to open your horizons a bit, something well worth doing for 'Harmonic Confusion'. It's arty but not arrogant and has technical riff-mastery without being pretentious.

Across this ten track offering you can look forward to a full ranging vocal delivery from cleans and rugged cleans all the way up to a full on harsh rasping delivery. The element which really does it for me is the very sexy technical groove. It's quite laid back and not excessive or overworked giving an easy listen that has a well considered construction. The drum work is also equally well delivered, complex to match the guitars but without being overpowering.

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There's no favourite track as all are strong stand alone pieces but there are a lot of "Oooh!" moments; the way the vocals harmonise alongside the technical guitar work on the hugely emotive and addictive 'Thread Of Life' is just sublime and the closing lead work completes it while 'Concentric Waves' has wonderfully emotive mid point lead work.

On 'Saviour Complex' the addition of the haunting saxophone in the latter part of the track elevates the track to a whole new level, as does the head spinning speed of the closing brief chunk of lead work on 'Self Destructive Haze'.

Tardive  Dyskinesia

The whole album is a very multi-layered offering and needs multiple listens to fully reveal all its complexities, as on longest track of the release, 'Fire Red Glass Heart' with its mix of a hypnotic and bendy groove contrasting with passages of cleans over reflective guitars and brutal vocal outbreaks or the complex and assertive bursts of guitar and drum work which work around each other with a dance like quality on the otherwise reflective 'The Electric Sun'.

'Harmonic Confusion' was mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, The Ocean, Leprous) and recorded at SL Studios and Devasoundz Studios (Septicflesh, Rotting Christ) and is out now right here.

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