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You would be completely forgiven for thinking that Darkrypt hailed from Scandinavia when in fact they are from Mumbai, India. From the first listen of 'Delirious Excursion', there are subtle exotic intricacies within the composition that give their true origins away.

You would also be forgiven for not realising that that this was also their debut offering, given the quality of composition and delivery of material contained on this release. They are yet another of the growing collection of bands emerging from India and the surrounding regions delivering Extreme Metal of the very highest calibre and it's an utter joy to my ears.

Darkrypt also have a few secret weapons in their arsenal of excellence; the mixing was done by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios (Cruciamentum, Chthe'ilist) and mastering by the legendary Dan Swano at Unisound Studios (Asphyx, Bloodbath) as well as securing guest appearances by none other than the Death Metal maestro extraordinaire Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, The Grotesquery, Echelon etc) and Nitin Rajan (Primitiv), not to mention the lyrical contribution of Riju Dasgupta (Albatross, Primitiv).

All of these elements combined make this a hugely ambitious and impressive album, particularly for a debut release, from any country.

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Sound-wise Darkrypt have a very Finnish Death Metal leaning and have some interesting influences which manifest, from the subtle technical mastery of Tech Metallers Demilich, to the exotic deathly groove of Death outfit Adramelech, the punch of Demigod and a gravelly vocal delivery akin to those two latterly mentioned bands vocalists, Marko Silvennoinen and Esa Lindén.

But on top of this they add their own extra flavour by the sackful, making the whole thing classically tinged but refreshing and new as well as catchy as hell.


On top of all the excellent points already mentioned here there are also some superb head turning moments across the album. The lead work on 'Cryptic Illusions' is excellent and 'Foiie à Deux' took me quite by surprise, turning out to be a fabulously haunting and subtly technical instrumental, building and twisting and turning.

I kept expecting vocals to arrive but I'm not complaining that they didn't. That track could have been double the duration and I'd have still been enthralled and entranced by its subtle intricacies and on 'Limbic Dichotomy' I love the bursts of intense riffing on the intro, an element that reappears throughout culminating in as some superb lead work, something that this album is not short of and the technical mastery on 'The Inducer' is breathtaking.

I can't recommend 'Delirious Excursion' enough. It's essential listening for all Death Metal fans and is available from Amazon for just £7.99 right here.

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