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'Sepulchral Psalms From The Abyss Of Torment' is the third full length from Blackened Death Metal trio Kingdom who hail from Płock, Poland.

Their first two albums, 2011s 'Unholy Graveyard' and 'Morbid Priest Of Supreme Blasphemy' in 2013 where pretty brutal, dark affairs and I'm pleased to say that with this third offering it's still business as usual.

For this release the trio, LWN covering vocals and guitars, STH on bass and SLW on drums, are joined by guest vocalist SBCH, adding a little more dimension to the sound.


Content wise they are continuing with the 'dark blasphemy' of their previous offerings across this eight track release and soundwise they also don't fall into that stereotypical 'Polish sound', not that it would be a problem if they did.

It's a decent chunk of traditionally styled but unique, in its own right, Blackened Death Metal, brutal enough to feed your inner fire, but with just the right amount of subtle groove and melody to make it engaging enough to keep your attention and to really turn your head. There are the impressive shreds and sharp direction switches, as on 'Black Rain Upon The Mountain Of Doom', as well as many of the other tracks including the opening track 'Spulchlar Psalms' which starts off with a gut churning distorted vocal opener and a Martin Van Drunen style stomach wrenching scream.

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It's a well varied release, from 'Abyss Of Torment' with its pummelling powerful militaristic drum delivery and vocals that drop to ground shaking levels to the slow bleak crushing opener of 'Whispering The Incantation Of Eternal Fire' that turns sinister as hell once the vocals kick in and a pace that builds, culminating on some great closing lead work.

The two tracks which stand out are 'Forsaken Tribe' with its compelling groove and eerie lead work and 'Kaplica Ducha Zgniłego', bleak and sinister with a rasping vocal delivery.

The final track is worth a mention also; it's a cover of Darkthrone's 'Cromlech', the opening track from their 1991 'Soulside Journey', their only Death Metal album. An interesting choice and very fitting with the band's ethos and style and it's a decent interpretation of this classic, slightly less blackened but more dirty than the original and LWN's vocals have a slightly less abrasive edge than Nocturno Culto's but are nonetheless very well delivered, particularly the closing shred.

The cover art for 'Sepulchral Psalms From The Abyss Of Torment' is by Maciej Kamuda (Nunslaughter, Parricide, Necrofilth) and the album is out on Godz Ov War Productions as a CD, LP and MC. If you like a Death Metal sound that is old school and blackened but with a bit of a twist you should enjoy this.

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