Misanthropic Rage Release Their Stunning Full Length 'Gates No Longer Shut' - Listen Here
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Jools Green

mysanthropic rage

Following the release of their three track, whirlwind of a debut EP, 'Qualia', earlier in June on Gods Ov War, progressive Black Metal innovators, the Polish avant-garde duo Misanthropic Rage challenge the laws of Metal further with their boundary pushing full length 'Gates No Longer Shut'.

We're delighted here in The Abyss to bring you the UK premiere of this aptly titled album, a forty minute, seven track firestorm of frayed logic, feverish frequencies and ceremonial magic and with dissonant riffing colliding with spiralling melodies, down-tempo trudges giving way to tornadoes of hypnotic speed and scabrous blackened vocals fighting with clean-toned exhortations, 'Gates No Longer Shut' entrances the listener with a continual, tortuously twisting push'n'pull. Here it is, for your enjoyment.

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Within, Misanthropic Rage embrace the slipstream, weaving cryptic tales across thoroughly seamless song writing, yet never losing sight of each song's emotional centre. Similarly, the duo remain grounded firmly within Black Metal, but caring enough to push its boundaries in a respectable, reverential manner, never getting caught up in trendy 'post' this or that, instead nodding to the pioneering days of the hugely influential label, Moonfog', during the late 90s.

This album is both a different and rewarding listen; they do, in the loosest of senses, for progressive Black Metal what UK progressive Blackened Death Metal outfit Voices do for their genre and that is not just challenge or push the boundaries, but twist and reshape them to their own design and purpose in a truly avant-garde way.

It's a sound that is at times sublime, others tortured, part melodic and part off kilter as well as blackened and crushing, a clever mix of the disparate and the opposing, but don't just take my word, listen and discover for yourself on the Exclusive UK stream, above.

mysanthropic rage

Album tracklisting:
In a Blind Dimension
Gates No Longer Shut
I, the Redeemer
Into the Crypt
Cross Hatred
I Took the Fate in My Hands

'Gates No Longer Shut' is available from Godz ov War Productions in CD format. Misanthropic Rage have arrived and the gates are definitely no longer shut! This album has blown them clean off their hinges. Brace yourselves!!


14.11.16, 4.00pm UK Time



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