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Jools Green


My very first thought as I listened to 'Metal To The Bone', the second full length from Polish Black/Thrash Metal trio Warfist was "Hell!! Yes, indeed it is!" if ever an album lived up to its title it's this one.

They've been one of Poland's well kept secrets until now, lurking in the underground scene for just over a decade, busily delivering a lethal mix of Black'n'Thrash-meets rock'n'roll, like the result of some unholy encounter in a dark alley between Motörhead and Sodom and this second full length release follows 2014s 'The Devil Lives In Grϋnberg', an equally great listen, showing the trio are a consistent bunch.

They have also released four split releases, two demos and an EP since 2005 so haven't spent any time languishing on their laurels.

So why is 'Metal To The Bone' so good? Simply put, it's a straightforward, uncomplicated and well delivered chunk of old school Metal that is dirty, raw and real. Lyrically you get a good dose of blasphemy, debauchery and fun, just what you want from a Thrash Metal album, and a vocal delivery that is scathing and edgy yet definable and all this together is what makes it such a great listen.

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It's well varied across the whole of the album, beginning with the hard hitting 'Pestilent Plague' with its varied tempo and blistering midpoint shred, then the intense 'Written With Blood' where the riffing bursts through repeatedly and the lead work is allowed to take on a powerful stance as the tempo drops to the close.

One of the standout tracks is 'Convent Of Sin' - I love everything about it; the pace, the thrashy groove, the way the drum work flourishes up between the riffs, the whole track so well phrased, especially in the vocal department and I was impressed by how the lead work and vocals play off on each other, altogether a catchy addictive, blackened piece.


The pace turns manic for 'Tribe Of Lebus' with it's exciting breakneck delivery contrasting against the more dark and sinister 'Breed Of War' with guest choir chants by Kain Reic.

Another couple of favourites were title track 'Metal To The Bone', a fast furious Thrash anthem with great midpoint shredding and guest vocals from Heretik Hellstorm (Ragehammer), Hellscreamaross (Offence) and Armagog (Throneum) and the up-tempo, punchy and acidic 'NecroVenom'.

There's a gritty delivery to 'Playing God' and closing track 'Reclaim The Crown' is chunky, crunchy with slick tempo shifts.

'Metal To The Bone' was recorded at Mosh Pit Studio, Zielona Góra, engineered by Piotr Zubko and mixed and Mastered by Marcin Rybicki (Left Hand Sounds Studio). This album is a real must have for Thrash fans and my only advice when listening is, make sure it's turned up LOUD!!

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