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When the prospect of a bone crushing, face-melter of a release comes up for review, my attention is grabbed immediately, as was the case with Calgary Death/Thrash four-piece Krepitus. There continued to be potential in the rumours of its brutality when I checked out their three track demo from 2014, 'Shadows Of Eternity', and I'm pleased to say as exciting and potential filled as that was, the debut full length, 'Eyes Of The Soulless', blows that EP totally out of the water and me clean out of my reviewers chair!

They take a somewhat different slant on Death/Thrash Metal, cleverly mixing subtle technical riffs and aggressive rasping vocals then blending traditional elements with a modern slant along with tight melodies and heavy rhythms and the result is both crushing and engaging.

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Most of the tracks are very up tempo; the opener, 'The Decree Of Theodoseus', is bolstered by pummelling drum work and lifted by midpoint lead work as is its successor, 'Apex Predator', and although reflective and emotive to open, 'Sharpen The Blade', rapidly turns crushing and up-tempo as it progresses, with a sinister edge and emotive midpoint lead work, the unrelenting riffing breaking out into a closing shred.

The tempo does drop slightly on possibly my favourite track of the album, 'Exile', which although slower, is also darker with a haunting repeat riff and superb second half extended lead work. I also like this track because the slight drop in tempo allows for greater clarity of delivery in the vocal department without losing any brutality; the vocals are good across the release, powerfully harsh and rasping just a little less clear on the faster tempo tracks.


On the whole it's a great album ending as it began with two more noteworthy crushing offerings, 'Erroneous', rich with rollercoaster riffing and a punchy delivery with vast melodic swathe midway which then bursts into mood lifting lead work and the final piece, 'My Desdemona', reflective yet heavy with soaring emotive closing lead work.

The press release for 'Eyes Of The Soulless' suggests it's recommended if you like band such as Dissection, Death, Carcass, Dark Tranquillity, Deicide but personally I think if you just like getting the skin seared off your face by an album it'll have bags of appeal for you!

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