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Warlord UK/Warcrab/Wheeliebin Burial

jools green
Jools Green


There have been a few hitches across this tour but nothing was going to stand in the way of the long awaited, much anticipated return to London of Warlord UK.

The role of heralding that return was assigned to Wheeliebin Burial, who although a relatively new band, having formed in 2015, have clearly made a big impact live locally already, judging by the reaction of crowd assembled at The Dev.


The venue was rammed as their set began and it was obvious many were here to see them as much as the other bands, judging by the response they received. Aside from previously hearing 'Atheist Kung Fu' which had initially grabbed my interest in them I knew nothing about the quartet, however their set lived up to that initial introduction. It was blistering.

Well delivered and well received and I am looking forward to the next time I catch them live.



I'm Fucking Done
Fed To The Hate
Finally Awake
Atheist Kung Fu
Circling The Drain
Against The Tide
Bullshit Peddler’

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Hailing from my home town, of Plymouth, I’ve seen the Sonic Death/Sludge six-piece Warcrab many times live but never away from home even though they play London and the surrounding area almost as frequently as I visit, so it was both exciting and gratifying to see them deliver the goods so impressively and to be so well received.

For me it was probably their best performance to date, delivering a set which consisted of their newest EP, 'Scars Of Aeons', in its entirety and two crushing new tracks from their upcoming full length.


Destroyer Of Worlds
In The Shadow Of Grief
In The Arms Of Geddon
Bury Me Before I'm Born
Scars Of Aeons


Warlord UK hit the stage with a determination that demonstrated nothing was going to stand in the way of this leg of the Wartour. Their set was a career spanning one, with a couple of tracks from their iconic 1996 album, 'Maximum Carnage', which will be re-released at the end of this year for its twentieth anniversary but the majority of the set was taken from 2013s superb 'We Die As One', along with 'The Fucking System' from 2010s 'Evil Within'.

There was also a couple of tracks from their upcoming new album, due out in 2017, but the ace card was the secret inclusion. It didn't feature on the printed setlist so as to surprise everyone, and it was an utterly superb and a memorable cover of Slayer's 'Reign In Blood' which went down a storm.


'Dehumanise', one of their new tracks, got a second performance as an encore for the hugely appreciative audience.

Human Inner Core
Strength Defeats Decay
Masses Gather In Masses
Age Of Extreme
The Kill Division
Maximum Carnage
Theatre Of Destruction
We Die As One
Reign In Blood (Slayer cover)
The Fucking System

As hugely impressed with all three bands as I was, I was also equally impressed with both the venue, The Devonshire Arms, Camden, a great venue with friendly staff and also the crowd who were very sociable and made me feel welcome but more importantly by their considerate nature because amongst all the Metal madness, people made way without prompting on every required occasion, for a less able bodied Metal fan enabling them to access all areas of the venue and enjoy the evening as well as everyone else.

The true spirit of Metal and a superb evening all round.






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