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jools green
23rd October 2017
Jools Green


Guitar legend Toby Knapp has been involved in a broad range of Extreme Metal genres and a myriad of bands since the early 90s. These include Death Metal band Godless Rising, Black Metal project Waxen, and Where Evil Follows, a venture into Speed Metal.

He certainly knows a thing or two about his craft and this is reflected notably in his latest band's self-titled debut release 'Affliktor'. Genre wise its Black'n'Thrash, a particular favourite genre blend of mine and delivered by Toby with an intensity and excitement that I think is pretty unrivalled.

In a recent MetalTalk premiere Toby told us: "The Affliktor album was not intended to be a shredder album at all, simply because I'm not a shredder. The solos I think are kinda cool though because they have a certain 'Devil May Care' attitude.

"They are reckless, violent and all were first takes done in a few hours. The guitar playing is coming more from a Trey Azagthoth, Jeff Hanneman attitude than say, Steve Vai or someone truly considered virtuosic.

"I think there is some creativity here possibly because this is a Black/Death Metal album approached completely thinking out of the box."

He may not see himself as a shredder, personally I think he's certainly not short on ability. There are some huge chunks of pretty breath-taking lead guitar work on this album in the shape of thrashy solos, complemented by a varied but constant rhythm that courses the length of the release, tying the tracks together and keeping both the mood and intensity at a high level.

It's a hugely compelling listen and his superbly sinister blackened vocal delivery completes this stunning and ambitiously experimental package that is delivered with raw passion.

Favourite tracks? I've thought long and hard and despite repeated listens I've decided I can't choose, you like one you'll like the lot to be honest, the album is consistent in quality and content throughout.

All the artwork for 'Affliktor' is by Mark Riddick and the release will be of interest to fans of Slayer, Kreator, Sodom, Desaster and Arallu.

One other exciting comment Toby made to us was "I have a band in place should 'Affliktor' need to do any gigs as there have been a lot of inquiries regarding that." Because this is an album that will the blow the roof off any venue if done live! It's a stunner!"

'Affliktor' is out on Transcending Obscurity Records (India) now.

Track list:
1. Storms of Demogorgon
2. Born To The Breeder
3. Backwards Into Hell
4. Chaos Magick Totality
5. Burn The Earth
6. The Singularity
7. Planet Rogue
8. Nothing Shall Arise
9. Pazuzu Invoked




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