Arallu Bring An Eastern Flavour With Their Crushing Full Length 'Six'
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jools green
Jools Green
27th April 2017


It's always exciting when I discover a band whose boundaries go beyond the usual Metal genres and Israeli black'n'thrash Metal five piece Arallu are one of those bands that do just that, particularly with their latest album 'Six'.

To get a bigger picture I tracked down some of their earlier work and as good as that was, this album is way better with the delivery much more cohesive and fluid. Arallu have really upped their game on this, their sixth and aptly named full length.

The album is powerfully delivered, with a vitriolic rasping vocal that rips through with good definition in the lyrical delivery. Blackened riffs and crazy shreds combine with an exotic Eastern groove that courses throughout, coming from traditional instruments like saz and darbuka but they enhance not dominate. The Metal aspect is the dominating factor; it just makes for an overall fascinating and engaging yet still brutal listen that is fast and tight.


In Mesopotamian mythology, Arallu is the underworld kingdom ruled by the goddess Ereshkigal and the God Nergal where the dead are judged, so naturally lyrical themes are based on various aspects of the historical region of Mesopotamia and its legends.

The whole album makes a good listen from start to finish so as far as favourites go it's a pretty difficult choice but I am more drawn to the tracks with a greater amount of traditional instrumentation as in 'The Universe Secrets (Six)' and 'Victims Of Despair' as it not only gives that exotic feel but also adds a dark mystical quality particularly on 'Desert Moonlight Spells' with native spoken lyrics and also the hauntingly addictive, powerful and superbly phrased 'Adonay'.


Desert Moonlight Spells
Only One Truth
Possessed By The Sleep
Subordinate Of The Devil
The Universe Secrets (Six)
Victims Of Despair
Oiled Machine Of Hate
Soulless Soldier

'Six' was recorded at The Urban Cat Studio in Jerusalem and should be of particular interest to fans of Rudra, Demonic Resurrection, Melechesh, Heathen Beast, Al-Namrood or Nile and will be available as a limited edition digipak or limited edition vinyl on Transcending Obscurity Records (India)




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