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jools green
Jools Green
29th May 2017


It only takes one listen to 'The Fallen Reich', the debut full length by Singapore's melodic Death/Thrashers Assault, to understand why they are considered one of the best emerging bands from Asia.

The five piece released a four track EP, 'The Exceptions Of The Rebellions', in 2011 and although this latest is billed as a full length it's only two tracks and four minutes longer, however it's quality over quantity here.

Sound wise its appeal comes from their ability to combine a ferocious Death/Thrash with enough melody to make it compelling and memorable on the ear but without compromising on intensity or brutality across all tracks.


A lot of melodic Death/Thrash comes in too light or is overdone on the 'widdly' guitar work, but Assault have balanced it perfectly here with a consistent, punchy release that accurately represents what melodic Death/Thrash Metal is supposed to be like.

There's also a strong yet subtle message within the lyrics and a brutal rasping growl in the vocal delivery to complete the sound impeccably.

Assault also have a couple of ace cards up their sleeves on this release in the shape of guest appearances from ChthoniC vocalist Freddy Lim on the opening track, 'Enslavement To Torture', and an excellent soaring guitar solo from Nothnegal vocalist/guitarist Fufu.

Of the six tracks there are three standout tracks that caught my attention just that little bit more. The crushing opener, 'Enslavement To Torture', with its killer riffs and soaring leads, the dark 'Spawn Of Rage', awash with blackened riffs contrasting against a bouncy groove and great lead breaks and 'Ghettos' which comes in a bit different, possibly thanks to Fufu's contribution and has a bit of a Scandinavian feel to the sound, although he's actually from the Maldives.

Enslavement To Torture
Genocidal Conspiracy
Spawn Of Rage
The Fallen Reich
The Final Solution

One final notable point; 'The Fallen Reich' also features artwork from none other than legendary artist Mark Riddick. 'The Fallen Reich', is available from Transcending Obscurity Asia (sub-label).




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