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jools green
7th December 2017
Jools Green


'Puncturing the Grotesque' is the new mini album marking thirty years of "aural sickness" from US Death Metal gore legends Autopsy.

The piece promises that "A deformed sonic journey awaits that will make your flesh crawl and your speakers puke", that be the case or not, it's certainly a damn fine listen.

It's their first new material since the 2015's crushing EP 'Skull Grinder', and features once again Chris Reifert, Eric Cutler, Danny Coralles and Joe Trevisano delivering a seven-track chunk of old school, with a rancid gore-infested twist, Death Metal.

This encompasses everything from high speed thrashy bursts to Doom-laden plummets with even a slight psychedelic stoner mood all wrapped around a lyrical core that spews forth all the depraved gore infested delights you could ever wish for.

There is the usual deranged rasping gargle of a delivery to the vocals, as for the composition, I am totally in awe of just how imaginatively put together these tracks are, it's a work of gory genius!

The seven tracks encompass a mere twenty four minutes but they manage to skilfully cram in more in that time than may would in double that duration.

Opening with 'Depths Of Dehumanization', a brief sonic build up with a gargling rant for vocals before ripping into the up tempo 'Puncturing The Grotesque', a lovely chunk of thrash 'n' gore that boasts superb mix of vocal noises that include some very descriptive screams gargles.

Next 'The Sick Get Sicker' dirty Death Metal , with an addictive repeat, spiralling into a doomy plummet half way through before soaring back up for a lead repeat which develops into some excellent lead work towards the close.

The best title of the release 'Gas Mask Lust' is doomy and grotesque, I couldn't quite fathom all the lyrics, probably for the best given the title but it's all about the mood and atmosphere and this track reeks of both.

There's also some great lead work towards the close where the pace picks up in a most unexpected manner, beginning with some sleazy (naturally!) lead work before breaking into an equally sleazy rhythmic gallop.

Diabolical riffs and layers of tortuous screaming open 'Corpses At War', before totally switching into a rolling gallop, turning doomy and continuing to shift tempo and direction repeatedly.

A track that is skilfully "all over the place" - so much could go wrong here but it doesn't , its superbly constructed and executed.

'Gorecrow' is a mix of the sinister and the manic, with yet more great lead work and final track 'Fuck You!!!' is short, sharp, punchy and to the point, with ironically the most clearly delivered lyrics of the release and naturally spewing out one final blast of stunning lead work.

My favourite track? Not even going to go there, it's an all or nothing choice and I pick them all.

Track listing:
1. Depths Of Dehumanization
2. Puncturing The Grotesque
3. The Sick Get Sicker
4. Gas Mask Lust
5. Corpses At War
6. Gorecrow
7. Fuck You!!! (an alternative version of the track is featured on the Autopsy / Bloodbath split 7")

'Puncturing the Grotesque', was recorded at Earhammer Studios (Violation Wound), in Oakland CA with engineering and co-production duties carried out by Greg Wilkinson, with the delightfully distasteful artwork courtesy of Dennis Dread (Darkthrone/Abscess).

Regarding the 30th anniversary of Autopsy, main man Chris Reifert comments:

"30 years of the hell did that happen? It seems like just yesterday but somehow a million years ago that a couple of degenerate teenagers formed this beast that still lumbers and lurches around the confines of the studio and the expanse of the world itself.

"It's hard for us to believe too. Just don't think we're letting you out of the audio noose yet....we still have some of our sickest tricks up our sleeves for your horrific pleasure!"

If that's not good news I don't know what is because this album is a joy to my ears and makes me smile.

'Puncturing the Grotesque' is available from 15th December through the Peaceville store and via usual retail outlets on 26th January 2018 on CD, Vinyl and digital format.




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