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jools green
23rd November 2017
Jools Green

barshasketh outre

Splits are not usually my favourite option for review, but this international release from Black Metal outfits, 'Barshasketh' from the UK and Poland's 'Outre', is a different matter altogether.

They have joined forces to release 'Sein / Zeit', a conceptual split via Third Eye Temple and Blut and Eisen Productions and although just three tracks and sixteen minutes duration it is still a pretty monumental and breath-taking offering in both concept and content.

This conceptual split "takes inspiration from the work of Martin Heidegger, more specifically from the 1927 book Sein & Zeit ('Being and Time').

"This seminal philosophical text, which attempts to get to grips with the meaning of being, provides the basis for an exploration of fundamental questions that underpin our understanding of human existence, with each band taking one of the two main themes."

Track listing:
1. Sein(Being) by Barshasketh concerns creating one's own purpose in a world without any objective truth or meaning. It deals with the process of pushing further and further inward to discover true will, sacrificing solace and unnecessary comforts along the way.

As with all 'Barshasketh' material, there is an element of facing and mastering darker aspects of the self in order to strengthen the spirit. The concept of 'Sein' is that after facing such parts of the self, and pushing further introspectively beyond return, true will and purpose will be discovered.

A complex and atmospheric track spanning almost eight minutes that is well varied in its tempo, delivered with intensity and with a superb caustic vocal delivery.

Not a band I've crossed paths with much but on listening to this I'll be looking into their past work more closely.

2. Zeit (Time) by Outre explains that the Now, the Past and the Future are all one. We exist in one consolidated frame of past events and future points that are about to become.

Our Being is expressed through the time that flows through us. No one was and no one shall be. We are temporary.

Outre won me over with their 2015 full length 'Ghost Chants' and continue to do so, pushing their art even further with 'Zeit' a crushing, slightly and skilfully discordant and off kilter offering delivered with fury, intent and raging vocals that have a great clarity to their delivery.

3. Only True Believers As 'Zeit' is half the duration of 'Sein' you get an extra track from 'Outre', in the shape of this cover of a track from the now defunct Swedish Black Metal band Armaggedda from their 2003, second album, of the same name.

It's slightly faster and less raw than the original but none the less a superb version of a cult classic and an excellent choice for this EP.

I am not going to pick a favourite, each has been equally well created and delivered, overall a superb and varied release that should, as a result appeal to most Black Metal fans.

The 'Sein/Zeit' split will be out on Third Eye on Temple27 November and LP pre-orders are available now through Third Eye Temple in three colour variations: white (labels' exclusive), marble white/black and regular black version.

Watch the teaser – it's brief but will give you a flavour of the release:




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