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jools green
Jools Green
12th April 2017

basement torture killings

'There's Something About Beryl' is the third full length from UK Death/Goregrind beast Basement Torture Killings, a band snappily named after the Wichita serial killer Dennis Rader's moniker, 'BTK'.

It's their first with Beryl (Millie Crampton from Craniation) ripping it up on vocals, and yes there really is something unnerving about little Beryl, smiling sweetly as she delivers those nauseating, gore drenched lyrics, completing the already sick line-up of 'sewer stalking' Tarquin on bass and vocals, Dr Krauss, the unlicensed surgeon with a bloodlust on bass and The Faceless Killer, whose drums are allegedly made from human skin.

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OK, now down to the serious bit, the album. Beneath the hilariously gore infested titles and lyrics lies a seriously well crafted and delivered album.

'There's Something About Beryl' is tight and intense with wall to wall riffing, high speed direction switching and tempo shifting. The drum work is an unrelenting battery, which it needs to be to match that guitar work which is completed by an abundance of excellent shreds throughout that tear through like a band saw through bone.

And then there's the vocals. Beryl may only be the size of the average Metalhead's breakfast but vocally she packs a punch, intonates well and has a good range, adding a lot to that already excellent sound, especially when her vocals twin with Tarquin's deeper, slightly vitriolic delivery.

They're a well paired and deadly duo and it's the combination of all this that makes 'There's Something About Beryl' such an addictive, chilling and compelling listen.

basement torture killings

On A Mountain Road
There's Something About Beryl
The Story Of T
The Rat Catcher
The Taxi Driver
Shit Carcass
Necrophiled And Cannibalised
The Butcher Of Smithfield
Abduction Torture Snuff Porn
Knives (originally by Therapy)
Herr Kraus, Art Des Totes

'There's Something About Beryl' should be of interest to fans of Cannibal Corpse, Avulsed, Prostitute Disfigurement or General Surgery and is out now via Grindscene Records and is the best and most compelling Death/Grind album you'll hear this year.




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