Battalions Get Filthy With Their Latest Album 'Moonburn'
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jools green
25th July 2017
Jools Green


Battalions, the dirt-ridden sludge Metallers from the wastelands of Hull are all set to drop their next filthy offering, 'Moonburn', and it's an addictive, groove rich little number that follows their 'Warnings Have Been Issued' EP from 2012 and 2016s full length, 'Nothing To Lose'.

They cite it as "The best record of their career" and having heard the previous full length 'Nothing To Lose', which I thought was a pretty decent listen, 'Moonburn' is easily as good, if not better.

The big difference, and where it excels, is it's a little tighter than its predecessor but not too much so. You need it a bit loose, but not sloppy, to keep that groove swinging and they,ve hit the balance just right. This has a lovely groove throughout which makes it an easy listen.

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The vocals are interesting, very acerbic, quite high and rasping but the lyrical content is delivered with a good level of clarity and the raw edge of the vocals makes a great balance against that deliciously 'low slung' groove.

'Moonburn' runs as a seven track, twenty-six minute offering and what it lacks in length it makes up for in sheer weight; those grooves are heavy as hell.

Favourite tracks? Well they are all of the same consistency so if you like one you'll like them all. There are no weak links, but if I have to choose then 'Amazonian Woman' has the edge. It has a hugely addictive rolling groove, surprisingly slick tempo and direction shifts for such a heavyweight piece and some pretty sexy closing lead work.

I also rather liked the dark aura to the final track, 'Another Name For Death'. Groovy and dark is definitely a winning combination and the heaviest groove of the album is probably found in 'Gods Cuntry' which sounds like an out of control juggernaut sliding on ice.


Lotion Basket
Gods Cuntry
Betrayal And Delusion
Amazonian Woman
Another Name For Death

'Moonburn' was recorded in February 2017 by Chris Fielding of Conan at Skyhammer Studios and will be released digitally and physically through the bands own Hull Noise Collective imprint on August 5th but get in quick as the limited edition bundle sold out within twenty-four hours and CD/digital package is also almost sold out too.

However the first press, hand stamped and numbered limited edition CD is still available and digital format will also continue to be available. All remaining packages etc are available at where you can give it a listen.




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