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jools green
14th February 2018
Jools Green

black sorcery

'...And The Beast Spake Death From Above', the debut offering from the extreme altar of bestial Death/Black/War Metal, nightmare merchants The Black Sorcery is not for the faint-hearted, it is a well-crafted slice of intense Extreme Metal so brutal it should come with a health warning.

Needless to say I am totally enamoured by it…

'...And the Beast Spake Death from Above' is an eight track twenty-nine minute slice of nightmarishly brutal extreme old school Metal in the vein of James Read's bands, the Black/Death misanthropes Conqueror (re: their legendary 1999 album 'War Cult Supremacy') and Revenge.

There are aspects of Canadian Black/Deathsters Blasphemy along with further afield influences of Finland's Black/Death legends Archgoat.

It comes over as an onslaught of intensely delivered, but well punctuated riffing, unrelenting drum battery completed with some well-placed shreds particularly on 'Incursion', 'Ancient Dialects Of Winds', and the rather excellent 'Frost Veined' where the delivery is delightfully maniacal.

All this is completed by the addition of the inimitable vocal delivery of Lord Matzigkeitus which for me is the element that gives this album an edge over its equivalents.

I lost count trying to work out just how many voices he has included it this release, but you get the full range from boar-ish growls all the way up to insane devilish squeals and everything you can and even can't imagine in between. If you are familiar with his style you'll know exactly what I mean.

I do love this album in its entirety, it's a full on assault on the senses but standing out a little is 'Helgeist', it's tight, raw and takes the insanity to a further level as well as having a slightly different feel from the rest of the release with 'Frost Veined' coming a close second for its superb shreds.

Track listing;
Traitor Bomb Threat
Splintered Glass Arsenal
Frost Veined
Circling The Drain
Ancient Dialects Of Winds

'...And the Beast Spake Death from Above' will be of huge interest to fans of the previously mentioned Conqueror, Revenge, Blasphemy and Archgoat or any release that has in the past featured Lord Matzigkeitus.

The album is available as a digital release or as hard copy in CD format from Hammer of Damnation Records in May, limited to 500 copies, so get your order in early or you'll miss out.

For the aficionados there will be a cassette version from the French Underground label Krucyator.




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