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jools green
22nd November 2017
Jools Green

calligram askesis

Stick the word Blackened in front of a Metal genre and you instantly have my interest, it just adds to the flavour and the appeal.

What London-based multinational Blackened Hardcore band Calligram bring to the table however is a whole new spicy dish indeed, it'll put some fire back into your heart and excitement into your life, if you can handle it.

Led by Italian Matteo Rizzardo, whose tortured shrieking vocals cut through to your soul and with the rest of the line up drawn from Italian, Brazilian, and French nationals you get both a fully multicultural approach and a modern sound.

'Askesis' is an intense six track, twenty nine minute "viciously dark and atmospheric ride through bleak lands of sonic destruction", but 'Calligram' aren't just all about full on aural assault, they know when to apply restraint alongside their sonic destruction.

The album has four tracks that are in the five to eight minute time scale and although opener 'Della Mancanza' is the end-to-end aural assault you'd expect, the next track 'Sinking Into Existence' switches midway from full tilt and intensely manic to darkly mournful and slow, adding weight and impact to the track.

Likewise 'Scourge' has a similar approach but with a more sinister inflection to the slower second half and the final track 'Lament' is very restrained mixing slow anguish and spacious soundscapes building atmospherically and coming to a pounding finish.

The big surprises for me were the two shorter tracks, the first, 'Murderess', manifests as a reflective instrumental followed by 'Entwined' which is more of the rapid building, short sharp shock I expected, demonstrating that there is more to Calligram than you might first assume.

Track listing:
Della Mancanza
Sinking Into Existence

There's a lot of depth to this material. 'Askesis' should be of interest to fans of bands like Impaled Nazarene and will be available from Basick Records on the 24th November.




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