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27th February 2017

jools green
Jools Green

dave ingram

The last time I spoke to Dave Ingram the first Down Among The Dead Men album was on the brink of release. Fast forward three years, a time span that seems to have passed at a frightening speed, and there has been a whole lot more going on in this hugely talented vocalist/lyricists musical career.

Having recently caught Dave's live performance at Eindhoven Metal meeting, MetalTalk thought it was time to track him down for a another chat.

Dave thanks for giving MetalTalk the opportunity to discuss your latest endeavours.

"No problem! It's always an absolute pleasure to chat with you folks."

Firstly, congratulations on your stunning performance with Hail Of Bullets at Eindhoven Metal Meeting recently. Your addition adds a lot to the overall sound of the band. I believe it was your first time on a European stage for ten years? How did you enjoy the experience?

"Yes, first Euro show for a decade. Didn't feel like I'd been away at all. I love European crowds, always have. It was a great gig for me, I loved it. In fact it was during the first few seconds of 'Swoop Of The Falcon' that the thought 'I am REALLY going to enjoy this!' ran through my head. Though we probably hadn't ought to talk about when we played 'General Winter' and I began singing the lyrics to 'Advancing Once More' instead - and many thanks to the couple down in the front for giving me the stink-eye enough to make me get it right eventually."

And then the next day a surprise guest appearance with Memoriam, alongside Karl Willets. That must have been a pretty emotional occasion; how did that come about?

"It was very emotional. It came about as Karl and myself are in contact by email (and he's on Twitter too) and the idea sprang to our minds. The emotion came from the fact of what led Karl and I onstage together. For me it was my sister's suicide that eventual caused a massive breakdown and my departure from Bolt Thrower - and initiated Karl's triumphant return. Then the loss of Martin 'Kiddie' Kearns and the formation of Memoriam. It was sad paths that we walked to get there, hence it was very emotional."

It was clearly a very popular event judging by the reaction on social media platforms and both bands are set to play Summer Breeze next year and will no doubt be appearing together on several other festivals/tours. Any chance of a repeat of that monumental performance?

"Will we do it again if we meet at another festival? Possibly, though I will attempt to be a little more sober for this one. I blame that beer tasting we were at! There's a good possibility it'll happen. So anyone visiting those shows had better keep their cameras handy."

dave ingram
Hail Of Bullets

Also Rogga has been keeping you busy. I believe a new DATDM album is on the cards?

"Yes and no. I can't really go into details here - just in case - but here's what I can tell you so far. The new DATDM material is, according to Rogga, somewhat different. He says it may be TOO different so there's the possibility of us keeping it for another project - that I can't speak about yet. All I can say is that it's planned to have more than one vocalist. We're waiting for Travis Ruvo, the drummer, to finish his tracks so we can see where we go from there... if it's DATDM, or the other project. More news as it unfurls, folks."

Speaking of Rogga, since our last chat you have become involved in quite a few other projects together, firstly your other band with him, my personal favourite, Echelon. How did this particular band manifest? It's much darker and a more pure Death Metal band than the Death/Crust Punk vibe of DATDM. What's the story behind it?

"Echelon was formed as we were recording the second DATDM album, 'Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!', which featured a cover of Anvil's 'Forged In Fire'. Rogga mentioned that he enjoyed playing that style and had some music set aside which he would work on. I'd got several sets of lyrics spare, and we quickly got the debut album, 'Indulgence Over Abstinence Behind The Obsidian Veil', recorded - I think we had it ready in less than a month.

"The lyrics on both albums are all connected to Satanism and the Satanic philosophy. I tired of reading about/listening to apparent Satanic bands (who never managed to get it right) so, as I'm a member the Church Of Satan (elevated to Warlock last year, too) I wanted to write about a subject that is important to me. I hope it would give a little clarification on the philosophy to any inquisitive minds."

There was also tentative talks about touring with Rogga and Down Among The Dead Men. Is that still a possibility? Or with Echelon?

"It was actually both bands simultaneously, since the line-up is relatively the same. We could switch between bands (maybe using a projector to fire logos up onto a backdrop) and play songs from all four albums - Hell, maybe even the Ursinne stuff too! It's always a possibility."

And if he hadn't been keeping you busy enough already, you were also involved in Rogga's Megascavenger project on the two most recent albums, 2014s 'At The Plateaus Of Leng' and the superb 2016 Industrial tinged Death Metal offering 'As Dystopia Beckons', as well as his off the wall Grind album 'Stench Price'. A different experience for you?

"The Stench Price wasn't Rogga's, but he managed to get me to do it. It was... different. I've never done anything quite like that before. The 'As Dystopia Beckons' album was fantastic, wasn't it? I actually did two tracks for it, though my version of one track will probably come out on a single (or as a bonus track) sometime in the future."

Miraculously you have also managed to find time for non Rogga involvements, working with Jonny Pettersson of Wombbath on the debut full length Ursinne album 'Swim With The Leviathan'. How did that come about and when is it likely to be released?

"It was a rather long time ago that Jonny and I spoke about recording an album; Eighteen months ago, possibly longer. The one photo of the two of us together was taken at the Maryland Death Fest last year. Soon after I returned home from the States I recorded the vocals for the second Echelon album and directly afterwards it was the turn of the Ursinne debut. It will be out on Transcending Obscurity Records in the near-ish future. Original material, some cover versions, and some guest spots. All good."

You also made a guest appearance on a track from the 'Black Sacrament' album by UK Thrash Death outfit Vindicator with the other Dave Ingram who has stood in for you a few times on your Metal Breakfast radio podcast.

"Yes, Dingram Junior - as he is known - asked me if I'd do some backing vocals on their cover version of 'Countess Bathory' which was an absolute pleasure. Now the lil' man is in Hellbastard, a band older than he is, so I hope they manage to get some shows lined up around Europe."

What else is on the cards for you, any more plans or ambitions?

"Crikey! A lot! Obviously there will be work with Hail Of Bullets, writing new material as well as the festivals that are upcoming, and that will take a priority as time goes by - not to the detriment of the other bands, they will have had releases out so I can put all my creativity into the Bullets.

"There's the new DATDM album - regardless, that will happen - which will be titled '...And You Will Obey Me'. There's also this other project I mention a little about - mum's the word for now though. We don't want too many folks having conniptions over it.

"I've done several guest spots recently: two tracks, backing vocals, by a band called VHS, some backing vocals on a track for my friend Calum's band Hellripper and vocals on a cover version of 'Dethroned Emperor' performed by the band Gath. There is also a Finnish Metal band who asked me to sing on their third and final album for them, but more on that in the future. I love to keep busy, I can tell you!"

Thanks Dave for taking the time once again to chat.

"My thanks to you, as always. A great pleasure to be a part of MetalTalk."

Once again, here's a list of pages that may be of interest to people. Please feel free to show support, go and like them, follow them, or - if you so wish - send beer money for my radio show and I'll dedicate a show to you. Cheers, Skål, Proost, Chin chin, toddle pip and thanks again.

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