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jools green
20th December 2017
Jools Green


If you are going to do old school dirty Death Metal then do it like this. 'Dismember' is the debut offering from Dutch Death Metal troop Deathmarch and it's a filthy slice of Death Metal delight.

The line-up is comprised of seasoned musicians, with Quint Meerbeek on guitars, showing his other talents, as he's better known as the drummer in the Death Metal legion Bodyfarm.

Dirk Willems is on vocals, Olle Oele (ex-Funeral Whore) on drums and Walter Van Kalsbeek (Cavitation, ex-Baatezu, ex-Pleurisy) on bass.

The band's aim was to "to bring back the primordial sound of Death Metal, that was moulded admirably from the putrescent components by bands like Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Autopsy, Asphyx and Gorefest", and they've done so superbly.

'Dismember' is five tracks spanning a tight twenty one minutes, including versions of three tracks featured on their demo, with durations that range from the short sharp, one minute 'Autopsy With A Chainsaw' to the meaty six-minute 'Death Marches On'.

These are all generously garnished with a cold blooded vocal delivery of low extended ground shaking growls, deranged stomach churning yells and deep rasping growls.

All this is accompanied by dirty buzzing riffs with some great drum patterns dropped in here and there that lift the sound out of the deathly mire just enough to make a filthy splash afterwards, with a couple of appropriate sound bites dropped in to for added effect.

Favourite track, a difficult choice, they are all great and if you like one you'll like the lot. 'Gastorture' has a lot of tempo and direction variance, 'Bayonet Frenzy' is the most up-tempo, but they all have their own merits.


1 –Gastorture
2 – Warmachine
3 - Autopsy With A Chainsaw
4 - Bayonet Frenzy
5 - Death Marches On

'Dismember' is available as a 6 panel digipak CD and digital download on all major platforms, released by Black Lion Records.




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