Decapitated Release Stunning New Album In The Shape Of 'Anticult'
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jools green
5th July 2017
Jools Green


With 'Anticult', Polish Metal legends Decapitated have truly turned a corner in their musical career, fully developing the sound they have been working towards over their last two releases and the result is one of this year's best Death Metal albums.

Since 2011s 'Carnival Is Forever' and 'Blood Mantra' in 2014 they've been steadily developing into a Death/Groove Metal sound and so what you get with 'Anticult' is a well varied, well rounded and developed, utterly blistering release that is an utter joy to the ear.

The remarkable thing about this transition is that despite the circumstantial changes to the band and this development to the sound there is no mistaking that it's Decapitated behind it.

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The trademark guitar stylisation that you immediately associate with Vogg is still an integral part. It may not be as manically technical as the earlier stuff, particularly everyone's favourite, 'Organic Halluciniosis', but it's no less crushing, just in a different way; technical yet groovy and catchy as hell.

The tempo is very up and urgent and there is some superb lead work, as in the second half of 'Deathvaluation', 'Kill The Cult' and 'Earth Scar' which is breathtaking. Then there's the haunting and subtle melody that runs largely beneath the otherwise brutal 'Never'. Rafał's growling vocals are still superbly brutal yet delivered with powerful clarity and intonation; you don't miss a word of those lyrics.

I struggle to find a favourite across this eight track, thirty-seven minute offering. Each becomes your favourite as you listen to it, then as the next starts, it takes over as the best track. Each is excellent in its own different way and on its own particular merits.

Kill The Cult
One-Eyed Nation
Anger Line
Earth Scar

If you are set in your old school ways you may not get your head around this transition but if you welcome a forward progression and love their entire, varied back catalogue you will love this. It’s a superb and faultless album and it's my new favourite Decapitated release.

'Anticult' is available from Nuclear Blast as Digipak, limited edition gatefold 12"£ vinyl or digital release via iTunes.




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