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jools green
29th December 2017
Jools Green

eccentric pendulum

Bangalore's Progressive Metal five-piece Eccentric Pendulum have taken a slight step away from their previously "mathematical tinged" inspirations in favour of a more grounded and organic source, manifesting as their latest offering 'Tellurian Concepts'.

It's an eighteen-minute release of three tracks, the first, 'Nil' being more of an intro that suggests unexplored rainforest and undiscovered tribes, untouched and unspoilt by "civilised" humanity.

The subsequent pieces; 'Accelerated Extinction' and 'Contrivance' address the opposite; a planet stripped of resources, the necessary element for existence rationed and humanity on a self-destruct trajectory.

But out of the bleak comes beauty, this is a tight and unpredictable offering that keeps you enthralled across its entirety.

Sound wise you still get that progressive "math-Metal/djent" edged sound from their previous full length 'Winding the Optics', maybe even more so.

'Winding...' was very sharp edged with a hint of core, while 'Tellurian....' as the title suggests has a more earthy rounded edge to the sound.

eccentric pendulum

It's still suitably brutal, but with a sophisticated approach, partly thanks to guest appearances from virtuoso bassist Michael Manring on 'hyperbass', his signature instrument.

This is "the first instrument of its kind, developed in conjunction with and for him and an instrument that offers limitless altered tunings and an extended range of playability and sounds" , just to give you an idea of what that entails.

He puts the instrument to superlative use across this release, the bass work is mind blowing and the accompanying guitar work is in keeping with it.

His efforts have certainly inspired the rest of the band, I was particularly taken by the softer and very round, well patterned delivery to the drum work which really adds an extra lower dimension to the sound with Kaushal's deep rasping vocals cutting swathes like a saw-edged knife.

The EP has additional guitars by Tony Das and Sandesh Nagaraj on samples and if that wasn't enough there are also some sumptuous bursts of deranged saxophone courtesy of Bruce Lamont (Corrections House, Circle of Animals , Yakuza), and let's face it, who doesn't love a bit of sax!

'Tellurian Concepts' should be of great interest to fans of bands like Meshuggah, Textures or The Faceless, it's a fascinating and invigorating listen.




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