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jools green
Jools Green
19th April 2017


What better album to feature in The Abyss than an album called 'The Arcane Abyss'. Standards are high here and an album needs a certain edge to be of worthy inclusion, but Norway's wrathful Blackened-obscurants Endezzma certainly step up to the mark with this, their latest invocation.

Endezzma was born out of the ashes of vocalist Morten Shax's (Morten Kaalhus) former band Dim Nagel and it's been five years since the band's debut album, 'Erotik Nekrosis', was released. That featured the late Beastcraft/Dim Nagel guitarist Trondr Nefas, one of his last recordings, however Endezzma continue to march on and 'The Arcane Abyss' is, like its predecessor, a vital combination of classic Black Metal with punk'n'roll influences, together making an excellent and powerful combination and as a result is one major bag of excitement.


It's an atmospheric, powerful and compelling listen with a raw vitriolic vocal delivery, all brought to you at an up-tempo pace that is punchy, at times brutally intense, along with a dark rolling groove, dark driving and spiralling riffs and slick direction switching, turning almost thrashy in places particularly on my favourite track, 'Malferno', which also features some excellent vocal intonation and great mid-point lead work.

In fact the lead work is pretty spectacular across the whole release with the closing guitar on 'Morbus Divina' particularly breathtaking. All eight tracks make an excellent listen, well composed and delivered and 'Sick Kulta Lucifer' features the guest vocals of ex-Beastcraft singer Sorath Northgrove, who also made a guest appearance on the previous album's opening track 'Junkyard Oblivion'.

1. Intro
2. Malferno
3. The Arcane Abyss
4. Gates Of Mephisto
5. Morbus Divina
6. Sick Kulta Lucifer
7. Serpent Earth
8. Esoterisk Mystagon
9. A Grave So Deep

'The Arcane Abyss' was recorded, mixed and produced by Lars F Froyslie and Fredrik Johannesson at Malphas, with mastering duties by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Repugnant, Tribulation, etc), and also worthy of a mention is the superbly detailed, fascinating and malefic artwork by Geros Ramavounis, Remember The Fallen Artworks (Front Beast, Svartfell, Corrosive Carcass, etc).

'The Arcane Abyss' is out on Pulverised Records with distribution via PHD and Soulfood and well worthy of a listen. Check it out here:




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