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1st June 2017

jools green
Jools Green

endless voyage x

Anyone who enjoyed the 2016 debut EP, 'Darker Seasons', from Ohio's Doom infused Black Metal project Endless Voyage X will be equally as impressed with its follow-up, 'Those Who Time Forgot'.

It's a concept EP that follows the story of a ship lost in the Bermuda Triangle and soundwise it perfectly encapsulates a mood of bleak despair as well as that huge sense of vastness and isolation. The release is again solely masterminded by Jake O'Brian, who was also behind the atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient Dark project Setekh, and focuses on "themes such as the ocean, darkness, and his personal thoughts and philosophies" and makes for a pretty powerful listen.

Jake describes his project's sound as "a mixture of Doom Metal mixed with Black Metal and other various sonic elements". The dominating element is the Black Metal manifesting in the rasping vocal screams and guitar work but delivered at a Doom pace which adds a huge impact to this four track offering with the sonic aspect adding mood, softening and adding an air of intrigue and fascination.

The EP opens on 'Far From Home', a bleak and raw yet beautifully haunting and melancholic track and as much as I like the whole EP this is one of the two stand out tracks for me. It sets the feel of the release and the haunting repeat riffs linger with you long after the track is over.

endless voyage x

On 'Perpetual Misfortune' the backing vocals soften the sound but at the same time lend an eerie unnerving edge and there's a hint of the off kilter to second half lead work which adds an excellent bleak and tragic mood.

The penultimate piece, 'Melancholy', is a simple yet effective haunting guitar led instrumental before the final piece, 'At One With The Abyss', which emanates a stark feeling of acceptance, a mix of slower but unrelenting blackened riffing with the underlying keyboard work in the early part adding a subtle symphonic touch and the ever present rasping scream from the vocals adding a darkness, set to the back and therefore drawing you in as they have also done on the first two tracks.

Later there's a contrast between the bold strokes of second half lead work which burst through the now dirty edged riffs which really gives a sense of sailing off to Hell knows where. Fabulous.

'Those Who Time Forgot' is out on Fragile Branch or available listen and buy as a digital album here:

Well worth a listen; a hugely thought provoking EP.




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