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5th March 2017

jools green
Jools Green


Endolith, a three-piece musical project based in Tromsø, Norway, describe their sound and that of their debut album, 'Voyager', as "True Northern Norwegian Avant-garde," which is appropriate because within their hugely complex sound they skilfully manage to incorporate, well... EVERYTHING!!

The trio, consisting of Frode Hofsøy (vocals), Erling Malm (guitars) and Roger Tunheim Jakobsen (drums), create sound that is as icily cold as a Norwegian winter and their roots lie in Black Metal but this will sound like no Black Metal you've ever heard because grafted to that rootstock are so many elements from a such a broad myriad of genres that those black roots are just the basic substance.

They've blended to the blackened core elements of Djent, Industrial, Technical Metal and even Jazz in the shape of some wonderfully deranged wailing sax and still manage an old school 'nod' in there too, sucking it all in like a massive black hole then spewing it forth again as one seriously good album.


Imagine this; a mix of the crazy jazzy edge of Norwegian Shining meeting the intellectual insanity of Anaal Nathrakh, with a touch of Strapping Young Lad, the abstract nature of Arcturus, Meshuggah's Djent–iness, the innovativeness of Voices and even a sniff of symphonic Dimmu Borgir, oh and not forgetting a little pinch of King Crimson and you are pretty close to what Endolith are all about.

What's even more surprising is just how great and natural this mix sounds. It's cleverly considered and constructed and powerfully and heavily delivered. Not an easy listen but a damn fine one and truly pushing the boundaries of Extreme Progressive Metal even further with this fusion of detuned heavy grooves, unorthodox rhythms, electronic elements, completed by varied vocals; a mix of well considered clean backing vocals and brutal harsh lead vocals.

Lyrical inspiration is sought from diverse subjects like 20th century philosophy and contemporary science and the result is truly innovative. Ultimately it's hard to believe this is even a debut release.

'Voyager' Tracklisting:
Galactic Pecking Order
Uncertainty Principle
Criteria Of Mind
Hymn To Ares
Bertrand Russell On Truth
The Razor
Old As Cancer
Holy Curiosity

I've no favourites here as the whole album is insanely good. 'Voyager' was recorded and mixed by the band, and mastered by Björn Engelmann (Meshuggah, Rammstein, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir) and is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other digital music outlets.

If you fancy an album that is challenging, innovative and very different and can listen to with an open mind then this album will knock your socks off!




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