Jools Green
The Abyss
5th August 2019


Belgian occult Black Metal titans Enthroned are back with their latest blood chilling offering, 'Cold Black Suns', their eleventh studio release since 1995 and it's a far cry from that groundbreaking classic, 'Prophecies Of Pagan Fire'. This latest offering, which continues on from where 2014s 'Sovereigns' left off in some respects, is very modern and experimental but some aspects do hark back to their early days. Enthroned have never been afraid to experiment, mix it up or push boundaries and 'Cold Black Suns' is no exception.

It's a nine track offering that is well paced and powerfully delivered, icy riffing, coldly atmospheric, living up to its title perfectly, bolstered by strong ritualistic drum work with equally ritualistic lyrical content whose inspiration as always based around a Left Hand Path philosophy, delivered with powerful menace. The tracks that are well written, well considered and well delivered and the result is spectacularly powerful.


Opening with 'Ophiusa', a superbly foreboding intro that builds in readiness for the brutal onslaught that is 'Hosanna Satana', part face ripper, part groovy dirge, immediately you get the feel for this unique mix of old and new and by the time you get to 'Vapula Omega' with its dark brutal industrial elements you sense that modern element fully, adding even more of a powerful feel.

'Beyond Humane Greed' is insanely brutal, a sublime mix of old and new with some pretty sexy riffs in amongst the mayhem, however the standout tracks for me, as much as I love the whole of this impressive release, were 'Silent Redemption' which is slightly more traditional in style and darkly beautiful, especially in the quieter haunting segments and crushingly powerful in the brutal parts, a superbly contrasting well composed piece, and closing track 'Son Of Man'. It's the album beast at nearly nine minutes but what a powerful and majestic nine minutes it is with more superb contrasts between the powerful and the reflective, midpoint repeat riffing that is hauntingly memorable, spoken lyrics delivered with power and vitriol and guitar and drum work building to an insane crescendo fading on chants of "All Hail Lucifer!"... Ave to that!!

1. Ophiusa
2. Hosanna Satana
3. Oneiros
4. Vapula Omega
5. Silent Redemption
6. Aghoria
7. Beyond Humane Greed
8. Smoking Mirror
9. Son Of Man

'Cold Black Suns' is out now on Seasons of Mist.



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