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26th July 2017

jools green
Jools Green


If you are a fan of atmospheric Black Metal and a cassette collector this is definitely one for you.

On August 18th, Folkvangr Records will release the cassette version of 'Tales Of Elder Forest', the debut full length from Ukrainian atmospheric Black Metal duo Eskapism, previously released on CD and digitally earlier in the year and now set to be released on blue-grey tinted transparent cassette with white ink and hand-numbered, double sided 3-panel sleeve in a crystal clear case.

Eskapism is the latest project by Dyvozor, covering keyboards and bass and Zymobor, on vocals guitar and additional bass. The duo are both heavily involved in a range of Ukrainian Metal bands that cover sub-genres from Death, Folk, Pagan to Power Metal so there's plenty of experience behind this project, something that is apparent as soon as you begin to listen.


'Tales Of Elder Forest' contains nine tracks spanning fifty-four minutes of beautifully crafted atmospheric Black Metal inspired by nature and poetry that is an enchanting and stunning listen.

All lyrics are in the bands native language, something that always sits well for me with Black Metal as it adds an extra air of mystery and intrigue and it's more about the atmosphere and aesthetics created by the vocal delivery than the lyrical content and here the savage rasping vocal delivery is well applied and intonated.

It balances well with beautifully haunting Blackened keyboard led melodies and there's no shortage of great lead work, particularly on the emotive and haunting 'І рунами ти говориш...' which repeats throughout the track and on 'Падає сонце в осінні обійми' the lead work is stunningly good towards the close.

The album's final track is a cover of Coldworld's 'Tortured By Solitude' which I actually prefer to the original. Soundwise it stands true to the original version but they've rounded the sound off, making it a more melodic one but there's still that cold, acidic and haunting feel of the original.


Із глибин віків (Instrumental)
І рунами ти говориш...
У небі місяць зіходить смутний
Сумом закутий, відчаєм сповнений
Дивувалась зима
Замовкли ліси
Падає сонце в осінні обійми
Зорепад (Instrumental)
Tortured By Solitude (Coldworld cover)

Fans of ColdWorld, Drudkh and Grift should find this of great interest. It's a gorgeous chunk of atmospheric Black Metal that's well worth a listen.

Pre-order Tales of Elder Forest at and it's also available digitally if you like what you hear but are not a cassette collector.




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