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15th March 2017

jools green
Jools Green


The event was a little delayed to start, luckily the waiting masses could take shelter from the cold and damp in the pub across the road, but some things are worth the wait and this evening's entertainment proved to be well worth the effort.

The task of warming up the hoards was given to Sheffield's Forneus, whose ritualised approach to Progressive Black Metal set well the dark and blasphemous mood for the evening, along with a little help from The Junction's fine selection of ales and ciders.


A decent sized crowd took the advice to arrive early and catch this opening act and I doubt there were any regrets; their set, which included tracks from their recent full length, 'Adinkra', was as well received as it was delivered.

Next on stage, a band I intend to watch with a great deal of interest in the near future as to date their live performances and debut EP have all shown a lot of potential and promise. Local Black Metal band Dystopian Wrath formed in 2011 and deliver a haunting, bleak and very guitar driven sound.


Their set was drawn from their self titled 2014 EP along with a new track from their upcoming full length, 'DNF', as well as a superb cover of the Bathory classic 'Woman Of Dark Desire', which not only blew me away with its superb delivery, but pretty much everyone in the venue.

Next band up, Yorkshire's Sathamel, took things down a more crushing route with their brutal and very blackened approach to Death Metal, delivering the perfect fusion of Black and Death, smoothing their brutality with just enough melody and groove to add a listenable edge.


They also have that extra element of being visually interesting, making their whole live concept exciting. Much of their set was drawn from their self titled digital EP.

Headliners, Liverpool based Symphonic Black Metallers Ethereal, have shared the stage in support of Belphegor, Dark Fortress, Enthroned and Marduk and soundwise they deliver a heady mix of raw Black Metal blended with haunting keyboards and combined with their strong visual aspect makes them hugely compelling.

The set was made up largely from 2015s excellent full length 'Opus Aethereum' including the superbly delivered ‘Psalm Of The Deceiver'.





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