Evocation Reveal 'The Shadow Archetype', Their Latest Full Length
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5th March 2017

jools green
Jools Green


Swedish Death Metal legends Evocation have hit on a winner with their latest offering 'The Shadow Archetype'.

Firstly they've lost that Amon Amarth tribute sound that slightly marred 2012s 'Illusions Of Grandeur' and returned to more of their signature sound; a blend of the Stockholm and Gothenburg Death Metal sound which made their earlier work so unusual and appealing.

What makes this album better than all of its predecessors for me is although they've returned more to their original sound, they've also gone a little more brutal.


There are still the underlying catchy melodies found on their earlier offerings, 2007s 'Tales From The Tomb' or 'Dead Calm Chaos' from 2008, but they are less prominent, just there in enough quantity to give a catchy listen-ability and on 'Survival Of The Sickest' and 'The Coroner' in particular, there are huge breakouts of melodic lead work, but overall the riffing is punchier and there's a decidedly darker, sinister and more brutal edge to Tjompe's vocal delivery matching the darker, heavier quality of the tracks.

The whole album is a great listen but I do have a favourite track; 'Sulphur And Blood' is dark, sultry and brutal with a gorgeous haunting repeat that is reminiscent of Bolt Thrower but still original enough for Evocation to own it and it's pulled together with dark second half lead work.

Into Ruins
Condemned To The Grave
Modus Operandi
Children Of Stone
The Coroner
The Shadow Archetype
Blind Obedience
Survival Of The Sickest
Sulphur And Blood
Imperium Fall
Dark Day Sunrise

The overall result is a fresh and up to date sound that should both please old fans and hopefully draw new interest in the band. 'The Shadow Archetype' is out now on Metal Blade.




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