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jools green
31st January 2018
Jools Green


Exalter are probably Bangladesh's best known and loved Thrash Metal band and now with the greater availability of their latest offering 'Persecution Automated' via Transcending Obscurity Asia they'll hopefully get the wider attention they deserve.

Their debut full length comes hot on the heels of 2015 EP 'Democrasodomy' and 2016 EP 'Obituary for the Living', and first listen to this crisp and punchy ten track and thirty-five minute offering instantly explains why they are so popular at home and really do deserve to be recognised further afield.

Sound-wise it's steeped in old school, German influenced Thrash, you catch a definite hint of Kreator and Sodom in there as well as a touch of Slayer and Exodus to add an American slant to the sound.

There's a very tight, solid and dynamic delivery to the riffs, tight switching, a clarity and strength to the lyrical delivery and content, which addresses a broad range of issues on tracks that have good structure and catchy repeats in abundance.

Exalter also have a very consistent style, albeit a little on the safe side, across all their tracks, but it does make it a good end-to-end listen which is the important factor and this is only their first full length so I'm certain there is more to be unleashed on future offerings.


As far as standout tracks go, as I previously said it's a consistent release and each has a little something of its own to like but 'The Dreaded End' has an interesting lead flourish in the second half, which just gives it an edge and something that wouldn't go amiss if it were expanded upon in future offerings.

Holocaust Ahead
Reign of the Mafia State
World Under Curfew
The Dreaded End
Slaughter Cleanse Repeat
Grip of Fear
Pathology of Domination
Clandestine Drone Warfare

If you are a fan of bands like Slayer, Sodom, Kreator, Destruction or Exodus check these guys out, you'll find them a worthwhile listen.

'Persecution Automated' is out on Transcending Obscurity Asia (sub-label) from 28 January as a CD or digital download.




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