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jools green
19th August 2017
Jools Green

false gods

Formed out of the rubble of a previous band, Skeletondealer, False Gods set out with the goal of creating something that wasn't going to fit into any one Metal subgenre and after the positive reception of their 2016 debut EP, 'Wasteland', New York's sludgy doomsters continue to build on that momentum with their latest release.

'Reports From Oblivion' may be a compact three track, sixteen minute chunk but lightweight it certainly is not. Neither is it straightforward or simplistic; you need to give this your full attention or you will miss all that's going on.

These are three deceptively complex tracks in the delivery of their speed and rhythm and it's a heavy-hitting  take on Metal too; a unique and fascinating blend of southern-sludge influenced doom, mixed with some old school thrash-hardcore.

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Founding member Greg March recorded the guitars and drums for a demo that would later become the foundation for their debut release and the core of their sound and it's no wonder the sound is so broad spanning as the band's influences range from Eyehategod, Crowbar, Godflesh, Carnivore, Black Flag, Integrity, St Vitus, Black Sabbath, Skullflower, SWANS, Killing Joke and a very pronounced Amebix element.

The band members "embrace all forms of extreme and heavy music, which in turn helps them fulfil their musical vision: creating powerful sounds, telling the bitter truth of reality and letting the chips fall where they may."

They Who Speak To The Lost
I can't get this track out of my head. It's so hauntingly addictive and the construct seems to defy all the rules, one minute popping along, strong even drumming with the dirty riffs weaving through and around the drum work, then it's sliding all over the place then the tempo dropping off into oblivion... almost... and switching in seemingly random manner, yet there's method in this sublime madness.

Spirit World
Almost a dirge, but with a mighty punch, largely from the power of the drum delivery which has a strong precise presence and control on all the tracks and is almost tribal in the second half guiding the emerging dirty groove. The vocals have a rasping clarity to their delivery and a bleak quality that suits the sound perfectly and are nicely layered on this one.

Reports From Oblivion
Slow and sinister to open and the vocals take on an unearthly acidic scream initially before resuming the deeper rasping delivery. The pace is still punchy but slower and bleaker and doomier breaking out into a sexy swinging doom rich groove midway with interspersed slow drop-offs and with an almost psychedelic yet bleak closer.

'Reports From Oblivion' will be self-released and available from the band via their Bandcamp page. Well worth a listen if you like it sludgy.




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