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jools green
9th February 2017
Jools Green

foetal juice

There's been a bit of a void in my Metal roster since a favourite band of mine, The Rotted, called it a day in 2014 but that void has now officially been filled by Manchester's crusty Death Metal maniacs Foetal Juice. I had crossed paths with them previously, a live performance at The Unicorn in Camden in 2012 where they made a positive and memorable impression, but nothing compared to the impression this debut full length has made. I'm completely blown away by it.

It's also a little misleading to call 'Masters Of Absurdity' a debut as these guys are seasoned musicians. Ryan Whittaker covering guitars, Rob Harris on drums, Sam Read on vocals and Ben Read on bass have been together since 2005 and with an impressive back catalogue of splits singles and EP's, they've been working towards this for a while so no surprises that this album is utterly amazing.

It's packed to the brim with gore, murder and toilet humour and it's that insane but winning combo of Extreme Metal and humour that I've missed since the demise of The Rotted. Speaking of which, this album also features a guest appearance from those Death/Grind legends' former vocalist Ben McCrow.

The sound is intense and brutal, it sears the skin from your face and drills into your skull yet there's a subtle underlying melodic aspect that is so engaging you can't tear yourself away. The vocals are great, ranging between a rasping roar and a gargling growl that is well intonated as well as having clarity to the delivery; well it would be a crime to miss the content of these lyrics.

foetal juice

The composition and delivery is also excellent; addictive riff patterns, direction changes that turn on a sixpence and there's no slacking in the drum battery department either with well varied drum work that is blasting and brutal when needed, which is most of the time, but reigned in on those few occasions where that's necessary also.

I don't have any favourites across this offering but a few tracks merit highlighting for a variety of reasons:

Firstly it's not just a crushingly powerful and frantically delivered opening track with slick direction switching, 'Dutch Oven' is also a track I can relate to, if I was in the market for murder this would be my method of choice and it's so good to know I'm not the only one that finds this subject matter hilarious. Foetal Juice are a band that are truly on the same page as me.

The humour continues, albeit in a dark twisted way; you only have to consider song titles like that of the galloping paced 'Noneckahedron'. We all know one of them or 'Gin'll Fix It', which has an addictive and punchy delivery. It's safer than the alternative, a witty play on words. Lyrically it's gory, violent and vile but in a way that is also hilarious and that is such a great quality.

There are also several excellent guest appearances. The previously mentioned former The Rotted, Extreme Noise Terror vocalist Ben McCrow lends his pipes on the powerful and punchy 'The Leachate King', along with Michael Collins (Pist, Wort) and Ol Drake (Evile, Old Rake), who contributes a chunk of superb closing 'widdly' guitar work on 'Nun So Vile'.

'Masters Of Absurdity' is available to buy here at or Amazon, the cover art is by Jodie Muir, inlay writing and doodles are by Chris Henry and one more final factor determining the excellence of this release is that 'Masters Of Absurdity' was mastered by the legendary Russ Russell.




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