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jools green
Jools Green
9th May 2017

fractal universe

Adding to France's reputation for producing very forward thinking bands comes Progressive Death Metal outfit Fractal Universe with their debut full-length, 'Engram Of Decline'.

It's an exciting and groovy chunk of an album that has a hypnotic rhythmic feel and jazzy edge but still manages to be crushingly heavy.

To a lesser extent it has some of the feel of fellow countrymen Gojira's sound, particularly on 'Scar Legacy Of Hatred', as well as hints of Ihsahn and even a touch of Opeth, all drawn together to form their own sound and style.

fractal universe

'Engram Of Decline' is a concept album based on Nietzsche's 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra', "telling the history of human thought, from the birth of consciousness to the elaboration of complex social systems".

The album spans almost an hour but you'll be so engrossed you won't even realise that much time has passed and it also boasts guest appearances from Jorgen Munkeby of Norwegian Blackened Jazz/Metal fusion outfit Shining, delivering one of his stunning off kilter saxophone solos on 'Backworldsmen' and an utterly ripping guitar solo from Michael Keene of The Faceless on 'Collective Engram' which also sees a little more sax work from Jorgen.

the whole album is of the same consistently high standard, an engaging and fascinating listen from start to finish and I do have a weak spot for Jorgen Munkeby's sax work so maybe those tracks have the edge... just.

1) Premiss To Reality
2) Sons Of Ignorance
3) Scar Legacy Of Hatred
4) Parricidal Ghost
5) Venomous Coils Of A Holy Fallacy
6) Backworldsmen
7) A Name To Deny
8) Narcissistic Loop Decline
10) Collective Engram

'Engram Of Decline' is a stunning listen and should be of great interest to fans of Ihsahn, Cynic, Exivious, Opeth and Gojira and is out now on Kolony Records.




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