GraVil Return With 'No More Forgiveness'
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jools green
Jools Green
27th April 2017


Returning with their latest release, 'No More Forgiveness', London's melodic Death Metal five-piece GraVil have made a huge leap in the development of their sound since their debut album, 'Thoughts Of A Rising Sun', reviewed here on Metal Talk back in April 2013.

So what's behind this? Well aside from four years more experience under their belts, another part of it is explained by vocalist Gavin Stacy who says:

"There is a massive sub-context of loss within the new album, with 2016 notably being a brutal year, however 'No More Forgiveness' pulls a lot of strength from negativity that all too often engulfs our society and way of life. It's time to make a stand and do what's right... and this is us doing things right."

It's a plan that has worked abundantly.

The compositions are also more complex and ambitious than on the predecessor and they've lost that subtle industrial edge but on the whole it's still very much the familiar GraVil sound, however this time around it's tighter and more honed, still modern but with a nod to old school; subtly technical yet still melodic making it hugely listenable, a few breakdowns for a fresh forward thinking and crushing approach and swathes of sumptuous lead work for that 'wow' factor and Gavin's searing harsh vocals still rip through but they've eased off on the use of cleans since the last release.

There are some cleans, this time from guest vocalist Theresa Smith of Metaprism on 'Fractured And Divided' which contextually work well and grow on you with repeated listens and you'll be more than wowed by the rather excellent second half lead work on that track.

It's a great listen throughout but there are a couple of standout tracks for me; the opening number, 'Detonate', which left me stunned it's so good. Opening on a battery of drums, a wall of crushing and punchy riffing, with vocals that deliver the knockout blow but are softened slightly with a bouncy catchy and addictive chorus.

Also the punchy, racy, melody rich 'Are We Alive' with its soaring lead work and the single 'Decommissioned' which "deals with betrayal on a huge scale". Powerful and crushing but with an addictive flow.

Are We Alive
I Am The Blood
Plagues, Thieves And Murderers
Locate the Traitor
Choke In Silence
Fractured And Divided
Forever Is A Prison
One Eyed King

'No More Forgiveness' was once again produced by Dan Abela (Gallows, Bleed From Within, Voices, Silent Descent) and is, like its predecessor 'Thoughts Of A Rising Sun', self released and available from the band's website,




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