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jools green
16th September 2017
Jools Green


There's nothing quite like a good face-ripper of an album to clear away the cobwebs and 'Debt', from Plymouth's extreme noise-makers Helpless, the follow-up to their self titled EP, will do just that and also sear the flesh clean from your skull in the process.

It's a brutal beauty and I'm not just saying that just because they are from my home town either.

More seriously, Helpless are a powerful trio who deliver a pretty brutal sound combination that starts with a chaotic hardcore base with elements of grindcore, noise rock, subtle touches of Death and Black Metal and I thought even a tiny hint of jazz, but there's nothing subtle about the result. This is an easy genre fusion to get wrong and hard to get right but I reckon these guys get it spot on.

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Yes it's an intense sound that completely takes over your mind BUT there's still an engaging, underlying but subtle groove flowing beneath, in the loosest of senses as this is dissonant as Hell, but there's just a flow that pulls the madness together and that keeps you drawn to the sound and keeps it ear friendly.

The direction and tempo switching is slick and the vocals are a broad ranging scream that manage a good degree of clarity to the delivery of the lyrical content.


'Debt' spans ten tracks and about twenty-two minutes so it's a short sharp shock of an album but what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in intensity. It arrives like a punch to the face with opening track 'Worth' but leaves like a reassuring hug on the final track, 'Denied Sale', coincidentally my favourite of the release and the slowest and longest of the album. It has a dark, bleak and doomy quality yet it's gritty with powerful dissonant bursts.

Other stand out tracks are the dirty, groovy 'Out Of Commission' with its stark drop away, 'Moral Bankruptcy', slower but dirty and punchy as Hell with crushing breakdowns and 'Ceremony Of Innocence', much more rapid in tempo with great bass lines and superbly contrasting brutal breakdowns.

'Debt' tracklisting:
1) Worth
2) Out Of Commission
3) Grief Vultures
4) Moral Bankruptcy
5) Sertraline
6) Weightless Prayers
7) Ceremony Of Innocence
8) Sinkhole
9) Manufactured Consent
10) Denied Sale

'Debt' is out now on Holy Roar Records.




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