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jools green
18th February 2018
Jools Green

horizon ablaze

The third album from Kristiansand's avant-garde Extreme Metallers, 'Horizon Ablaze' titled 'The Weight of a Thousand Suns' is a heady combination of atmospheric Black Metal melded with the intensity of Death Metal.

The album tells the story of "a journey through the human psyche and a deep dive into the man's innermost fears and dreams." The lyrics are heavily inspired by their new vocalist (ex. 1349, Pantheon I, From the Vastland) Andre Kvebek's dreams and visions.

Each song on this album "deals with a mental disorder and paints a picture of battling and at the same time embracing your own inner demons, a journey through a theme that has fascinated and terrified man for centuries".

One of the first things anyone who is familiar with their two previous releases 'Spawn' and its follow up 'Dødsverk' will notice, is a continued development of their personal sound, increasingly their own unique style.

No doubt this has been pushed further by Andre's contributions as an active vocalis, not content with just bringing an excellent range of vocalisations to this release.

While their influences as a band range from Hate Eternal, Abigor, Burst, Anaal Nathrakh, Gojira, and 1349, it is very much a sound of their own design.

Sound-wise they have cleverly melded these influences; the bouncy technicality of Gojira, the intense blackened riffing of 1349 and some of the hauntingly deranged clean vocal aspects of Anaal, an aspect I particularly liked, particularly on the superb 'Delusions of Grandeur', but that's just one small part.

What 'Horizon Ablaze' bring of themselves is what makes this the brutally good album that it is, all the way to the closer, the subtly technical, hauntingly dark and understatedly powerful 'Insidious', less brutal than its predecessors but nevertheless lives up to its title.

Track listing:
Sleep is the Brother of Death
Delusions of Grandeur
Ghosts of a Previous Nightmare
She Who Walks Upon the Se
The End of a Dream
Behind the Veil
My Soul Divided

The Weight of a Thousand Suns' cover is by Kjell Åge Meland who has been responsible for their previous album's artwork. It was recorded at Strand Studio in Oslo, mixed by Marius Strand and mastered at Kvalsonic Lab.

'The Weight of a Thousand Suns' is out on Leviatan the 17th of February and as the title suggests, expect something crushingly heavy, it's an excellent listen.




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