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jools green
22nd November 2017
Jools Green


With a sound described as Militant Blackened Death Metal, and lines on the opening track which announce "To the end of their lives I will drive them, There will be no fury as my fury" already a picture is beginning to form as just what to expect.

Those lines are taken from opening track 'Will To Survive', the second full length 'Elude' from North Carolina crushers In-Defilade.

The album is masterminded by former Nile bassist and vocalist Jon Vesano, here covering guitars and lead vocals, and known for his efforts on their 'Annihilation Of The Wicked' and 'In Their Darkened Shrines' albums.

'Elude' is the brutal follow-up to the first album, 'Rulers Of Famine', once again featuring Vesperian Sorrow's Subverseraph on bass and backing vocals.


This time he's joined by drummer Erik Schultek (ex-Narcotic Wasteland), and guest solo work from Dallas Toler-Wade along with additional guest vocals from Neska, and the result is an altogether more ambitious offering than its predecessor.

'Elude' is a hugely complex and atmospheric album, for me initially an overwhelming listen as it's a release that demands a huge amount of your attention and you need to give several listens to fully grasp it.

Perseverance pays off. It's a very up in your face offering, with a brutal crushing delivery, a heady range of moods and tempos that are often dark, with sense-assaulting riffs.

There's unrelenting drum delivery which is at times very militaristic, particularly on 'The Collapse', 'Women And Children First' and 'Mourning On The Horizon', and always precise, topped by Jon Vesano's rasping growl of a vocal delivery which slices through everything.

The factor that completes this release is the sumptuous swathes of lead work, particularly noteworthy on 'Fearing The Worst', 'Apparent Adversary' and 'Make Them Eat Glass' and on 'Women And Children First' where the lead breaks out into insane squeals.

Also worth pinpointing is the dark and moody 'Drown The Child', slightly slower in its overall delivery, the bendy riffs are just sublime, the repeat is hypnotic and the overall result hugely impacting.

The equally dark and dread filled 'The Collapse' is slower but so powerful especially as the drum work and riffing build.

Track listing:
Will To Survive
Fearing The Worst
Apparent Adversary
Return Of Affliction
Drown The Child
Infecting The Ranks Make Them Eat Glass The Collapse Women And Children First
Mourning On The Horizon

'Elude' is an album that for me gets better the further in you get, it begins as a brutal manic onslaught, slightly dropping in pace and becoming darker and more sinister as it progresses but continuing to be unrelenting, once it has you in its grasp.

It will be independently released and available on most digital platforms and should be of interest to fans of Morbid Angel, Nile, Hate Eternal and Marduk.




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