In Twilight's Embrace Deliver A Dark But Uplifting Vanitas
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jools green
6th October 2017
Jools Green

in twilights embrace

Following their well received third album, 'The Grim Muse, an offering also worth your attention if you missed it, Polish melodic Blackened Death outfit In Twilight's Embrace have returned with their fourth full-length, 'Vanitas', and it's a dark offering both lyrically and musically.

The reason for such a dark approach is explained by vocalist Cyprian Łakomy:

"Having confronted several deaths of family members and friends made me realise the true weight of mortality. The realisation paved the way for reflections which would later become the backbone of the lyrics and atmosphere on 'Vanitas'.

"This is not just another gimmick to create a death worshipping album; there's far more to it. Death is an opportunity to ask questions about the here and now, and what kind of legacy, if any at all, we are possibly leaving."

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'Vanitas' is, as promised, not only a great listen but a very thought provoking one, thanks to Cyprian's vocal delivery, a harsh rasp that adds great definition to the lyrical content and the excellent emotive melodic swathes of lead work, particularly on 'As Future Evaporates', 'Trembling' and 'Flesh Falls, No Ghost Lifts', three of my favourites on this excellent album, all of which are really quite moving.

Never have the subjects of death, disillusion, negativity or solitude sounded so uplifting to these ears.

in twilights embrace

If you prefer a more intense delivery in the riff and drum department they you'll get that here too in tracks like 'Futility' and the final offering, 'The Great Leveller'. Mood and feel wise, In Twilight's Embrace come across like an intense, up tempo Daylight Dies, but even darker and without the Doom aspect, thanks to that all important "bleakness offset by melancholic beauty" quality to the sound.

It's a very engaging and all encompassing listen; prepare to be lost in its melancholic midst.

1. The Hell Of Mediocrity
2. Fan The Flame
3. As Future Evaporates
4. Trembling
5. Flesh Falls, No Ghost Lifts
6. Futility
7. The Rift
8. The Great Leveller

'Vanitas' was recorded, mixed and mastered in 2017 by Marcin Rybickiat Vintage Records and Left Hand Sounds. Currently available as a CD through Arachnophobia records, LP pre-orders will be available shortly.




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