Jools Green
The Abyss
18th August 2019


UK modern Metallers Krysthla have returned yet with another monster, their third, in the shape of 'Worldwide Negative', hitting the second slot of several major presales charts, as they did with their sophomore 'Peace In Our Time', but these guys had me well and truly onboard from their debut 'A War Of Souls And Desires' and each subsequent album has drawn me in and impressed further. Quite an achievement as it's in a Metal genre where a band has to work hard to impress but Krysthla always manage to deliver.

Like the predecessors 'Worldwide Negative' has a theme to its inspiration, this time it is an album "With more of an introspective view towards ourselves as the human race, how we impact the world and each other. In the pursuit of happiness, safety and security we're slowly destroying our sense of empathy and giving in to a darker way of life that ultimately can only end in misery."

'Worldwide Negative' is an even more sophisticated and immersive offering than its predecessors, each having built on past successes. This time it's a little less technical and brutal but much more groove, but still a crusher. Don't be mistaken there as alongside added blackened and progressive elements, all heavily dominated by wonderful groovy, bouncy bass lines, which are the winning feature, the melodies across the album are also gorgeous and the hard hitting segments are as brutal as a punch to the face with carefully placed cleans adding to the overall impact.


Starting with 'Negative' and immediately the opening melody and emerging groovy bass pulls your guard down for maximum impact from the brutal wall of riffs and face searing roar that follows. The whole track is an addictive mix of the brutal and the groovy.

On 'Reawaken' the bouncy bass and dark repeat riff opener go on to make up the backbone of this addictive track while 'Grief Is New Love' is an intense chunk of modern Metal with a technical edge plus subtly blackened and progressive chunks dropped in for good measure.

'Zero Sum Game' is a powerful track, the punchy riffs and groovy bass come at you hard with the harsh vocals and are beautifully contrasted with emotive melody and cleans.

With 'White Castles', after a brief acoustic opener, a roar and a wall of riffs just hits you full on, continuing with a powerfully impactful, progressively blackened extended intro and when the harsh vocals kick in you get that extra melding if modern Metal and groovy bass and if that isn't enough there's a beautiful haunting repeat passage that weaves itself between the vocals. A superb listen and possibly the best track of the album.

'Psalm Of Heartlessness' is a superbly stellar amalgamation of machine gun modern riffing, simple chunks of melody, face searing vocals and groovy bass simply arranged but delivered with intense rapidity; less is more here.

The penultimate offering, 'Aurea Mediocritas', is a tech/groove fest of a track and finally 'The Gift', where blackened riffing forms the core of this powerfully emotive track with its haunting midpoint melodic break about suicide and those left behind, closing as strongly as it opened.

'Worldwide Negative' is absolutely top shelf modern Metal, with added extras, an excellent listen and available from PHD now.



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