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jools green
5th July 2017
Jools Green

legacy of emptiness

Legacy Of Emptiness were originally a tongue-in-cheek Black Metal project started by Eddie and Kjell-Ivar called Permafrost back in 1995. They were joined by Øyvind on keyboards and recorded a couple of demos before shelving the project in the early 00s.

In 2010, they reformed, deciding that the songs they had left years ago were too good to be ignored, so re-recorded them properly. The result, a self-titled debut album of five old tracks and one new, was released in 2011.

The Norwegians now return with their follow-up, 'Over The Past', a frosty, hauntingly melodic and atmospheric chunk of Black Metal.

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Although the nine track album is a journey towards the fantasy realm, "where darkness and melody equally reign together", it's not a concept album but lyrically finds inspiration in aspects of "darkness, hopelessness, void and the odd historical moments".

Dan Swanö, who has been one of the biggest inspirations of the band, has played a major role in this album performing the beautifully haunting lead guitar on the final track 'Evening Star', as well as covering the mixing and mastering duties.

It's an easy listen, something that is not always the case with Black Metal, and would be too easy if it wasn't for the rasping, rusty vocal delivery of Eddie Risdal which adds a necessary acidic edge to the sound, giving a balance to the symphonics which have an early Dimmu Borgir feel, particularly on 'Four Hundred Years'. One of the aspects that really made me smile was the banjo on 'Despair' performed by Geir Emanuelsen, an element that is creeping in a lot on Norwegian Black Metal and I approve wholeheartedly.

There is further expansion in the vocal department on 'Angelmaker' where a deeper under layer of vocals have been added. Eddie also digs deep on 'Into The Eternal Pits Of Nothingness' to find extra power for the vocals making it an all the more powerful track and on 'Drawn By Nightmares', additional vocals, in the shape of interestingly delivered deep and softer slightly Gothic cleans are performed by Jesse M Jolly, adding a whole new aspect to the track.

1. Reminisce
2. Despair
3. Angelmaker
4. Into The Eternal Pits Of Nothingness
5. Drawn By Nightmares
6. There Was A Man
7. Four Hundred Years
8. Transition
9. Evening Star

The cover artwork for 'Over The Past' is based on the song 'Four Hundred Years' which refers to the "night of the four hundred years", a description of the time when Norway was ruled by foreign kings. It was created by Alex Tartsus, who has encapsulated the bleak mood perfectly.

'Over The Past' is out now via Black Lion Records and recommended to the fans of Carach Angren, Limbonic Art and early Dimmu Borgir.




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